Most times, I would say there's not too much to tell somebody about me~or at least anything I WANT to share, but blogging is about sharing, so I'm trying to change that.  Here goes:

I'm a first time grandmom or a "Bitsy"~as I'm called.  We started out this "Bitsy" thing with the Lil Momma and crew living right here in Atlanta not too far from me. Oh, what a difference the day makes and "HOW THINGS CHANGE" when promotions are offerred up, homes are sold, and the moving trucks arrive.  Now, I do my best to blog daily.  It seems to help me to "cope" with being a long distance "Bitsy".  I've never known how to be anything but a "hands on" fully involved anything, much less a "Bitsy". Hopefully, I'll learn a different way, maybe even a "better" way of doing things.  I am certain I'll need a lot of help, so bear with me.  Try not to judge.  I'm doing my best to LEARN how to do this Bitsy-ing from afar.

Anyhow, about ME. . . . the things that come to mind, right off the bat, are all the things I need to modify about Bitsy.  Bitsy needs to lose weight, get more exercise, have lasix surgery on these old eyes that don't work too good anymore, would adore it if the hair that adorns my head would regain it's younger "glow" and for that matter my skin too.  It's "OLD HAIR and OLD SKIN" and seems never to quite look as good as it once did.  I would love for someone to hire me again.  A year of being unemployed, after being laid off last November, can make a girl feel a tad unproductive. On that note, this year has given me time to regroup, to get to know myself a little better and undoubtedly, it has given me time to become a "Bitsy".  I have to agree with what alot of people say . . . "God has his own plan".  I'm doing my best to be patient to see JUST what that PLAN is.  I hope it's a good one.

I lived the first 47 years of my life, deducting my years away for college, on the MS Gulf Coast, married 20 of those 47 to the lil Momma's Dad!  The next six (6) years have been spent in Atlanta married for the second time to "Mr. Butch" as the lil Momma calls him.  He is my bestest friend and I love him very much.  Living in Atlanta and being away from my family and friends is a work in progress, but so is life, so I keep doing it hoping I'll perfect it!

OK, this is ME, but it's on a "good hair" day.  I don't seem to have alot of those anymore!
There are lots of things that just aren't so bad about me too.  I adore my family.  I love to do things for other people.  My happiest day is one that puts a smile on somebody else's face.  I guess you figure next I'm going to go on a tear about wanting world peace, an answer to hunger and homelessness, and get my pageant dress on and break into my talent number?  I'm not, but I will add, I'm basically one big ole Democrat, barring those occasions when I feel compelled to vote Republican!  I really enjoy cooking, writing, animals, reading, watching pelicans and sitting on the seawall.  I'm a passionate friend and the best one you will find. I adore being out on a boat even if I don't get to do that much anymore.  I love to go crabbing and I love to bake.  I love chocolate, and I especially love baking with "chocolate"!

Enough about me.  Tell me about you.