Cast & Crew

Just a little run down of our immediate contingent.  Seems like alot of us when you throw us all together, but it's really not.  We make up for it when we're all in one room and there's not a one of us that doesn't just worship the ground Webb hasn't been able to walk upon yet, but he WILL . . . . . in no time.  Baby steps, ittie bitty teenie tiny baby steps . . . . (no pun intended, he has to roll over first).

Please note that should you have the burning desire to make a contribution to Webb's College Fund or to his future well being, you can email me at and we'll figure out someway to hook you up with
 the Lil Momma and Precious.


The Lil Momma
(Also known as "Kate")

"Precious" ~ Webbman's Daddy
Also known as "Drew"
The Lil Momma & Precious
(Drew & Kate)
A little < 3 years ago on the day that got this party started !

"Easy"~Webb's paternal Grandpa, also known as Ed.

"Honey" ~ Webb's paternal Grandmom
Also known as "Molly"
Honey is joined by Webb @ 3 mos & David Miller 
(Webb's first cousin and bestest buddy)
Also known as "Molly"

"PawPaw" ~ Webb's maternal Grandpa
Also known as "Tommy"

"Bitsy" with the Lil Momma
Webb's maternal grandmom
Also known as "Carleen"

"Mr. B."
Webb's grandpa by Bitsy's second marriage :)

Uncle Tyler & Aunt Lindsey
(David Miller's Momma and Daddy)
and Uncle Tyler is Webb's Godfather

Webbman and Cousin Miller

The Lil Momma, Aunt Rachel holding Webb, & Aunt Allison
Godmother's of the Webbman

Back Row:
Precious, Easy, Uncle Tyler
Middle Row:
The Lil Momma, Honey & Aunt Lindsey
Front Row:
Mom & Pop
(Webb's paternal great-grandparents)

The Lil Momma @ age 4 months - Bitsy just liked the picture.  It's my blog, I can put it if I want :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I hope none of our crew are members of the Witness Protection Program or something.  I guess I should have checked before I posted pictures and names huh?
 I also posted pictures of Uncle Pat, Aunt Can, Nanny Ellen
(on it's way), Aunt Brianna & Uncle Derek too~
 Yes, they are MY family, but it is, once again, MY Blog.

Uncle Derek & Aunt Brianna
(Even if they do pull for LSU)

Aunt Can & Pattio
(Bitsy's Brother all her life and sister n law of 36 years)

Hillary Clinton
(because I had this picture on my computer
 because I like her hair cut.
  Think Bitsy's would do that?)

Uncle Cody, Aunt Amanda, Aunt Miche, Auncle Doug and Cayce
(Webbman's PawPaw's Sister, Hubbie, and Chillens)

I'm still working on pictures.  We have lots of cast and crew in the production, so check back often. 
 I'll try to change the names to protect the innocent :)