Monday, February 28, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End, A Bucket Full of Crazy and How Long Can a Baby Go without Air?

After nine days, yes, nine glorious days in Webbland, Bitsy has a husband, a home and 2 dogs waiting for her to show back up (like a bad penny) at some point, so I'll be boarding the train in the morning making my way back to Atlanta.  I am one blessed person . . . . . . YES because of the Webbman, the Lil Momma and Precious who house me, feed me and just generally "put up with C'Mo from the Block" for days upon end anytime I ask just so I can see the amazing young fella called Webb. BUT, also because I have the most unique, loving, self assured, kind man assuming the role of "husband" in my life.  Many many times, I have questioned just what I did to be so blessed to have him as a friend and life partner.  He just accepts all the household responsibilities and the care and feeding of our "canine sons" on these jaunts to visit Webbworld with no complaining and "gets it" that I am obsessed with the Webbman.  I should add that "he gets it" because he has two of the most beautiful "grandaughters" that live to walk upon this earth!  They are amazing, so he has a very similar adoration of them that I have of Webaroo!

Today, we again had to postpone our Dr. Seuss pictures, but the amazing your woman who works with Webb has had some extremely hard family events transpire in the last week.  Pictures will be done in the next few weeks, and I will pray for she and her family.  Life is sad sometimes, but with faith, we endure.

Today, the Lil Moma, Webbman and Bitsy spent the afternoon with Pattio, Aunt Can and Ms. Lottie.  Ms. Lottie is Aunt Can's Mom and she is one cool older lady.  Pretty amazing for her age and Webb told me he thought she "rocked"  He's still mumbling Patty Cake Patty roll em.....well, you know the story.

Came home hoping that the DVR recorded GMA and the Today Show.  Well I guess God had another plan and pardon my language, but "technical snafu" my "ass"!  What it was was an inanimate object (said DVR) being afraid of Charlie Sheen.  He is truly one hugely entertaining bucket full of crazy!

Well, tonight's blog isn't too informative, but I'm tired and I feel a depression coming on . . . . . . . . Do you think the kids will notice if I smuggle Webb back to Atlanta in my suitcase?

Bitsy . . . You are so crazy.  I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you can't dance!

Maybe if I lay here with no expression and "act" like she is doing OK, Bitsy will finish the stupid song.

Oh My Lady GaGa . . . . Bitsy!  I cannot watch Courtney and Chloe another time.

Hmmmmmm, I've seen that tassle before on either Kim or Chloe Cordashian?

OK, I'm gonna act like Bitsy DID NOT just put my lovey on my head. 

South Mississippi Blessings, 5 Little Monkeys and the Belly Button Book

Bitsy had the pleasure of having a date with the Webbman last night while the Lil Moma and Drew Precious went out on their own special dinner date.  I would venture to say Bitsy and Webb had more fun than Mom and Dad since Bitsy sang and read books to the Webbman most of the evening.  I'm fairly certain there was no singing or reading exchanged on the Lil Moma and Drew Precious' date.  We enjoyed our evening of Good Night Moon, Five Little Monkeys and the Belly Button Book.  Each were read aloud with great enthusiasm before I "put him up for the night".  You forget how much fun reading aloud is, especially with a 14 pound bundle of heartwarming joy in your lap.  Nothing like it.

So Bitsy . . . . This "belly button thing".  Does it have a purpose?
Today we woke up to a breathtakingly beautiful South Mississippi Parade Day.  The Lil Moma and Drew Precious tossed around parade plans initially having no intentions of taking Webbman with them, but as the day grew even more beautiful (if indeed that is possible), it became increasingly more evident that no self respecting South Mississippi resident could not at least venture out to see what the Mardi Gras was all about, especially if you have never witnessed one.  This parade thing would be a first for Drew Precious and a first for the Webbman too . . . . So the stroller was pulled out, the shorts were put on, along with the ball caps and a game plan was made.  Bitsy taxi'd the little family down to the Highway, dropped them off and was on standby for pickup as soon as they needed me.  After picking them up and asking my son in law, what he thought about the parade, he noted that it was really similar to seeing WalMart implode and all the shoppers being spread out along the parade route.  Scary right?? 

The next activity on today's Sunday Funday was a stroll to the beach with Webbman and Gus.  Where else can you live and get to enjoy a parade and the beach all in one day?  Gotta love it.  Webbman had a great time, but came home and crashed.  All that fresh air was just too much in one day. 

Tomorrow we are attempting our Dr. Seuss pictures yet again and hope we can knock this project out the ballpark.  Hopefully our little guy will cooperate and so will the weather! 

I'll keep ya'll posted as to how things go, ya'll have a wonderful Monday.  I will, because I will be with the Webbman and the Lil Moma! 
Webbman and his "parade attire
I don't know what the hat is for, but I look snazzy in it!
Bitsy, Can you read me "Five Little Monkeys" again?  Please

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Talk, Gnats and Adorable Parents!

Why is it that we find ourselves in a state of sheer and total "mush" when it comes to babies, most specifically "our" grandbabies?  I've fallen prey to it just as many of you have.  We hit the room, see our children's children and melt with reckless abandon.  Our hearts and minds quite simply go to that reality zone in which we know for a FACT  that "My grandchild is without a doubt the most beautiful, intelligent, breathtaking child on this planet . . ."  I cannot even imagine having MORE than one.  I would have to start rationalizing a "superior" race and  I'm pretty certain that's morally wrong.  I know I find myself thinking there can be no more precious child than Webb, except to give credit where credit is due~the "Christ" child~So for now, I'm good with just Webb.

I find myself wanting so much for the grandchild~world peace, a solution to world hunger and for people to be kinder, more tolerant souls.   Thinking about the Christ Child makes me wonder why the good Lord created gnats.  Seriously, I cannot think of any legitimate purpose that they serve.  They have no redeeming qualities.  All they do is aggravate the living heck out of human beings.  It was not until I moved away from South Mississippi that I realized the entire world does not have to endure them.  They seem to have found their niche in Waveland.  Getting back to wanting better lives for our grandchildren, I would wish Webbman never had to put up with gnats.

I had the pleasure of watching the Princess and the Frog today with our little "Prince", while the Little Moma and Drew went and got their hair done.  When they got home, Webb looked at me and I saw it in his face.  It was written all over him, like a big neon sign . . . .  He was thinking "Bitsy, My parents are just slap plum adorable".  All I can say is, I don't think they got "enough" hair cut because they were not gone nearly long enough.  Webb and I had lots more to do, but there will be another day and another haircut !

What's Mom Doing with my Clothes, Caroline-Please Don't Go and I Love the Outlet Mall.

This week has just flown by.  For that matter, so have the last four (4) months of Webbmania.  It's hard for me to believe that we only have a few more days until our little man will be celebrating his first quarter of a year milestone. Webb had a playdate with his friend, Caroline, on Tuesday.  They had a big time (pic below)  The Little Momma has also been packing up baby clothes and items that just didn't fit any more.  Sure seems like Webb has alot of them :)  We even found ourselves at the Mall exchanging outfits that still had the tags on them for ones in a 6-9 month size. 

It was an amazingly gorgeous day here in the thriving metropolis of Waveland, MS, so Webb, Mom and Bitsy piled in the car and headed to the outlet mall in pursuit of his first pair of blue jeans.  Webb adored the stroller, , the 800 million other babies out for a stroll, the fresh air, and the time out with some of the female contingent of his family.

The little man seems to be requiring more sleep this week and not quite as much food, so he turned in early the last 2 nights.  He needs his beauty rest for his Dr. Seuss pictures in a few hours.  I hope the gnats stay away, but we will see.

More later, ya'll have a good Saturday.
Bbbbbad to the Bbbone

Caroline and Webb Snuggling

Webbman and his "lovey"

My parents just make me laugh

Still smiling

Happy Child

Infectious Smile continued

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day, Joe Biden and My son in law, Drew.

Amazing Day!  Who would have thought a few years ago I could have enjoyed watching Baby Einstein all day and laying on the floor in the nursery playing with Webbman?? For that matter, who would have even have dreamed there would  BE a "Baby Einstein".  It's a pretty cool thing~100% pure baby heaven, pure unabliterated focus and awe for hours and hours and hours.  Genius. 

This Bitsy had alot of thoughts today, lots of things flip flopping in this head of mine.  I found the better part of today was spent being grateful that Drew Meisenheimer is my son in law.  There are lots of strong admirable traits that he possesses, but the one I find most endearing is his ability to "endure".  In the last year, he told his co-workers and friends good-bye in Atlanta and moved to the Coast to step into a new position as District Manager.  He gets up every morning at the crack of dawn, walks Webb's canine brother, Gus, runs and heads on to his office in Gulfport, while a few days he drives to the Hattiesburg office to check in on them.  He comes home, walks back into the Dad and husband role and does it all over again.  Day to day stuff, well "maybe" if he didn't have to adjust to "all of us~all the time".  There are Morans, there are Murphy's, there are Turcotte's and "friends of the family" who for all practical purposes are family.  It may not sound like much, but he's pretty amazing to me, and I am thankful to have him in our crazy family.  A big shout out and a great big hug to Drew "Precious" Meisenheimer.

Today, during one of Webb's naps, I started pondering the concept of "President's Day".  I thought about President Obama and all those who preceded him in this spectacular job.  Do you think it ever occurs to him when he's hanging out in the Oval Office or putzing around the Rose Garden what a very unusual position he's in? What am I saying? Of course it occurs to him. But I mean in the bigger, cosmic, “Sweet Mother of Pearl, I’m keeping company with Teddy Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon!” kind of way. I wonder if he realizes that amidst all the silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln, that he is also a part of the legacy we commemorate?

For all practical purposes, he'll be forever enshrined in this very elite group. (Well, forever is a long time…I guess I mean for as long as there is an America, which I hope is a very long time.)  He could end up ON a coin, or be a marble statue on the Washington Mall, or have a big building with his name on top.  The rest of us can’t count on anything like that. Frankly, I’m delighted when I DON'T see my name IN the paper :)  I fully expect my descendants to poke at photos of me in just 50 years and say, “Now, who was this loon again?”

I sometimes wonder if a person in such a position starts feeling a little “out of body-ish” at times like this. I mean, for crying out loud: Your own holiday? I can see how becoming such a symbol and personification of something so much bigger than yourself could play tricks with the mind. Trust me. I know the dangers. I was once the Vice President of the C.Y.O.!

But Dad . . . . . I'm  trying to explain!
Anyway, despite all the hoopla, I hope our Pres can keep his senses intact and have a good time. The worst part of President Obama's day will be putting up with Joe Biden asking when Vice President's Day is?  I mean, as Webb's Bitsy, I HAVE to worry about these things because we all know . . . . . Webb will have to deal with this dilemma one day.

Get some shut-eye and I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow!   

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bigfoot, Bitsy and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

11 hours and 3 amazing States later, here I am . . . Waveland, MS  . . . God's Country, also known as Webbland.  Made it just in time to get a good night smooch and a beaming smile, well not really....the Lil Momma had to let me disrupt the schedule just a tiny bit, but she didn't seem to mind.  I probably will not sleep tonight just knowing that when I wake up in the morning I'll be able to show Webb how much my singing has improved! 

I'm not entirely certain, but I'm pretty sure that somewhere between Tuscaloosa and Meridian as I gazed out the window of the train into the vast forests of Alabama and Mississippi, I had a Bigfoot sighting.  Yep, I'm about 95% certain it was him.  I waved, but he acted like he didn't see me.   I'll catch him on my way back to Atlanta and hopefully, he'll be friendlier.  Maybe if I pull out Webb's baby pictures.......that melts hearts everytime.

Until tomorrow, Good Night from Webbland.

Beautiful Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Train, Lady GaGa and Bitsy

THERE is nothing quite like the sound of a train echoing in the distance as you lay your head on the pillow.  Well, nothing like it, EXCEPT, laying your head on somebody else's pillow while visiting the Webbman

TOMORROW, I'll be boarding the "National Railroad Passenger Corporation" or what we more affectionately call "Amtrak" as I eagerly head to Mississippi. Amtrak's Southern Crescent is an amazing means of getting from point A to B.  I adore riding the train, and as long as the Webbman doesn't move to Alaska, Hawaii, or South Dakota, I'm cool because out of all our great States, that Amtrak doesn't serve, those would be the problem children! Apparently, this train riding experience isn't exclusive to me . . .  Bitsy and 61 million other people per year hop on and off the train, and that doesn't include the Boxcar Willie's of the world.  I'm not a big "driver", although I have been known to burn the roads up that lead to Hancock County.  I've also been called by name at the Atlanta Airport on more than one occasion, but I believe that out of all the "ways to get there", the train is my absolute favorite. 

ON ANOTHER NOTE . . . I want to personally thank Lady Gaga for getting us all in the "Easter" mood.  I cannot wait to do all things "Webb-related" for Easter this year.  I have to hand it to GaGa Girl, even I would not have thought of the egg thing.  Of course, had I thought of it, the egg would have been decorated in vibrant Easter colors and I would have been dressed like a feather donned yellow chick - please no big bird comments.  I would make sure there were NO similarities.  Naturally, I would have required a few more bodies to carry me in the building and on to the stage in light of my "Bitsy-like" figure, but I pay well (I mean if you take Reeces Cups in lieu of money).

Happy Saturday Ya'll.  Enjoy this day the good Lord has made.

I see the world and the world sees me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Rachel, PLEASE, that is so INAPPROPRIATE"

Grandbabies are our permission slip to enjoy life.  Isn't it wonderful.  There's singing and dancing again and I don't care so much that I have 8 left feet.....What's even better is the "Webbman" doesn't care that I have 8 left feet OR a big butt.? "1.2.3"..................Oh I like big butts-

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seinfeld's Uncle Leo - Dead at 88

Some mornings are tougher than others.  We all tend to dwell on the challenges that stare us in the face and wallow in them, all the while knowing other people have their own challenges to "wallow" in.  The last week has held good news for our family and not so good news for our family!  Webb's, Uncle Cayce, graduates from St. Stanislaus this May and has signed his papers to be a "Wildcat"......big news in our family.  Congratulations Uncle Cayce Seal!  Do us Proud.

"Uncle" Cayce Thomas Seal

Challenges come in many forms and some take years to understand.  Webb's cousin, David "Miller", was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, after a period of testing, and that news has quite certainly pulled at the heart strings and debilitated everyone in the family.  But, as challenges come and go, I have to say that Uncle Tyler & Aunt Lindsey, along with lots of supportive family in the wings are to be admired for stepping to the plate, holding each other tightly, assessing the situation based on a team of doctor's input and making a long term commitment to give Miller all the tools he needs to kick this setback.  If anyone can do it, this family can.  Bitsy's little Webbman is looking forward to being there for Miller to help in any way he can.........I know for one thing he's looking forward to lots of cheesburgers.  So today, I ask for God to Bless Miller David and all the family as they embark on a mission of love which I know will be successful.  As for Bitsy, I'm learning alot about Cystic Fibrosis and have signed up for the Great Strides for CF Walk.  If any of you would like to donate, here's my fundraising page:  OR there's a button on my sidebar that will bring you right to where you need to be.  DONATE AWAY.  I also ask for your continued prayers for Miller, Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Tyler, along with the rest of those who love him.

Webbman and his Cousin, Miller

Yesterday, Webbman went with the little momma to look at some more houses!  House hunting with Mom was alot of fun from what I hear, but the best part for Webb was when his Aunt Miche stopped and picked him up to get some Webbtime for herself!  Webb loves his Aunt Miche!!

Webb and Aunt Miche

I would be remiss to ignore the fact that "Uncle Leo" of Seinfeld fame passed away today.  Don't we all have an "Uncle Leo" of some sort.  I know, for me, I had lots of them~I was blessed that my Dad had 10 brothers and sisters!    As for Webbman, I don't believe he will have an Uncle Leo BUT he DOES have a  "BITSY" who will do her best to keep things interesting.....Ya'll all have a good day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's "Pattio's" Birthday and they're rioting in Libya (Look out Colonel Gaddafi)

What a day to celebrate life.   Happy Birthday to my brother, Samuel Patrick Murphy, Jr., known to Webb Thomas Meisenheimer as "Pattio",  born on this very day 62 years ago.  I can't think of anyone who could set a better example of perseverence, commitment to family and faith than my brother, Pat. Speaking of Pattio, here is an adorable photo of Webb's "Pattio and Aunt Can"!

Webbman's Pattio and Aunt Can
 At first I was going to say, "My BROTHER is getting old", pretty hard to believe . . . but I'm holding off on that particular comment since this Bitsy is now 54.  If you think about it ..... 54 is a perfect age for a Bitsy.  See, Here is a picture from Webster's dictionsary that I discovered when I looked up the word "Bitsy", ( )
The Lil Momma and Bitsy
Webb's Easter outfit came in yesterday.  I haven't seen it "live and in person".  We had it shipped directly to Webb so HE could admire longingly until he gets to wear it.  It is "to-die" for.  I think guys need "to-die'' for stuff too....don't you? You know, his Mom and Dad worry about him being not so thoroughly masculine in years to come because I have a tendency to enjoy looking at the little man "all dressed up"~in outfits~like the manly man baby doll that he is.  I think the stone that tipped the scale was the Mr. Bingle outfit at Christmas, but it kind of all started with the sock monkey coccoon and hat and that beautiful baby blue hat and coccoon.  They were both "pure essentials" in every baby's life, irregardless of the male contingent's opinion.  Personally, I think we could put him in a dress and he would still be the definition of manishness, but his PawPaw, Easy and his Dad think other wise.  I mean, his rough tough, Uncle Cayce use to sleep in the Lil Momma's nightgowns when he was little and he is perfect.  Here are the two extremes Webbman now has to deal with. 



"Precious Adorable Mr. Bingle Webbman
Which one do you think is cuter..............Really, folks, this is not "rocket science"  You tell me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Webb Laughs at Congress

Yesterday, Kate called to let me hear "WEBB'S LAUGHTER".  It was infectious, even amazing.  I think he probably was gearing up for listening to the Democrats and Republicans working together today on the budget.  Our Little Man has the right idea.  I can't wait to get to see Webbman in the next week or so.  He has a Dr. Seuss photo session scheduled with Destiny Rowell (who by the way is amazing) with all kinds of cute things.  Stay tuned.  I'll give ya'll a hint......."I meant what I said and I said what I meant.....An elephant's faithful 100%!"

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Webbman Celebrates Valentines Day, 2.14.2011

Webb's Footprint - a Joint Project brought to you by the Little Momma, Bitsy and Big Peg

The Little Heartbreaker a/k/a/ Webb Thomas "Romeo" Meisenheimer

On this very special day, February 14, 2011, I awoke and realized WEBB "NEEDED" TO BE "BLOGGED" ABOUT.  Our LIFE with Webb needed to be "BLOGGED" about, if for no other reason than the JOY this little 13 lb. fellow has brought to ME! My Grandson, Webb Thomas Meisenheimer's, is having his very FIRST Valentines Day.  I have looked for, and found, so many reasons NOT to blog, and THEN, I realized that there is ONE amazing reason TO blog, and that would be the "Webbman"!   So, BLOG, I will.  Stay tuned since those of you that know me also know..................this could get very interesting.