Friday, December 20, 2013

The Land That Bitsy Forgot

Sometimes when you least expect it, something creeps up on you.  Sometimes its a bug, sometimes its your panties, and sometimes its a memory.  Memories can go either way.  They can bring a smile.  They can bring a frown.  They can bring a giggle.  They can bring a tear, but the good man above gave us these memories so that we can always hold on to parts and pieces of  life that have managed to touch us.  When you get to be a "Bitsy", a 56 year old "Bitsy", that is, you value every little memory that you can grab hold to because there are quite a few that have managed to drift right on to the "Land that Bitsy Forgot".

I hate being dependent on my memory now a days because it sure isn't what it used to be.  Where am I going with this?  That's a good question.  Sometimes I don't even know, but TODAY, at this particular moment, I'm headed to the purpose of my initial mission when creating this "Webbman Blog".  It was my mindset that by marking the tiny events in our little man's life that they wouldn't creep away from me.  That by documenting even the silliest of accomplishments, that by recording his belly laughs, his tears, and his smiles ....... that one day when I can't quite remember, I can look back and jog all the memories of all the moments that will comprise the life of Webb.  I let grief sidetrack me for awhile on this crucial journey I started.  Truth be told, "grief" didn't just sidetrack me, it ran slap ass over me like a twenty ton freight train, and then just about the time I thought I was dealing with things again, that stupid freight train backed up and ran over me again.  Gosh, its been hard.  Nobody ever told me how I was supposed to act after the loss.  Nobody told me what I could do to help the others in my family with their freight train.  All I know is one day, I looked up and realized I haven't documented ANYTHING in a very long time.  I'm letting my memories get lost in the fact that life can sometimes get in the way of some very important things . . . . . so, with that said, I'm going to make every effort to hop back in the saddle.  I'll be documenting old news with a touch of new news, until I get caught up, so bear with me because remember "This is for ME, not for YOU" :), although it would be nice if you enjoy it too!  I need to have "The Story of Webb" on paper and in this ole girl's head . . . so with that said . . . . . Here goes!

The Webbman is now a whopping 3 years old.  I neglected to post pictures from his "Pirate Party" and to tell ya'll about it.  The Pirate Party was when he turned 2!  I'm a little behind, as I said.  This year he had a "Big Truck/Lil Truck" Party at the Park, and it was in November, so with that said, I feel a little more in control since that was only 6 weeks ago.  The Party was important, but I have even bigger even more remarkable news besides the fact that our Webbman turned 3!  It's hard to imagine that anything could be more important than that, right? Right?

Well, out of the blue, without the least bit of warning (well, we MAY have had a LITTLE warning), The Lil Momma went and had another set of twins on November 23, 2013, and THIS TIME something remarkable happened!  The good Lord let us keep THESE twins.  We didn't HAVE to say GOODBYE.  We didn't HAVE to give them BACK, and there was no sadness for any of us.  You see, just about the time this Bitsy thought she might be feeling sad and lost, and just possibly feeling a tad bit guilty for being so joyful about this second set of lil angels, God reminded me that our first set of twins (Patrick and Drew, born on September 24, 2011) WERE, and will ALWAYS be, right here . . . watching and guiding over our newest additions in their God given roles as guardian angels.  As many times as I questioned God's wisdom, the minute I laid eyes on our newest additions, it was like someone had taken a big flashing Neon Sign and laid out God's plan so clearly in thousands of twinkle lights right in front of me!  All of a sudden, I knew, this was God's plan all along.  So I'm going to try to update this precious project, pick up on my journey where I left off, and do a Cliff's' Notes version of the last year and a half.  I ask that you bear with me and the best part is NOW, I'll be making memories and documenting them for The Webbman AND our two newest additions, Murphy William and Mae McCarty.  We have lots to catch up on, so STAY TUNED.  This Sh#% is fixin' to GET SERIOUS!!

December, 2013
Ho Ho Ho.  Santa Webbman hard at play while visiting Honey in Oxford!!
Next stop, Ole Miss!
November, 2013
Happy Birthday to The Webbman, and NO, he didn't eat the whole half a sheet cake!

October, 2013
Our Lil Fisherman
Yep, this Bitsy made Webb's' Fisherman Costume, and his fishing pole!
AND NOW, to add some more characters to this story.  Meet Murphy William and Mae McCarty!
  I have a feeling things won't ever be lacking for excitement in The Wonderful World of Webb.  What do you think?

Here's a sneak peek of the Nursery.
Yep, this Bitsy made the Nursery Bedding too!

Stay tuned.  Bitsy's back in the saddle ready to ride!
Happy Trails to You.  Until we Meet Again.

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