Friday, November 11, 2011

I cannot prevent the "Birds of Sorrow" from passing over my head . . . BUT I can keep them from building a nest in MY hair!

Whewwwwwwwwwww.  It feels like it's been a lifetime since I've blogged, and it kind of has been.  My last little blurb was the last day of July.  Life was going along great, things seemed to be bright and our little family seemed to be 10 foot tall and bullet proof.  Well "seemed" to be is the key word in this scenario.  Just about the time, we all were floating around on Cloud Nine at the prospect of two new glorious lil guys for our family, just about the time we all began to dream about all the joys life held, LIFE came up with a new plan . . . . a plan all of it's own.

I've waited and waited to blog and wondered what I would say to explain the absence of words from "Bitsy".  I've waited and prayed and hoped to accept so many things.  I'm still waiting for the right words to come and still waiting for acceptance so for now, all I'm going to say is I began blogging as a means to cope with being a "long distance grandma", a "Bitsy" who stands outside and looks in and tries to find ways to make my Webbman visits memorable and I need to continue my mission! Ninety days of silence has probably left some serious gaps in the "Wonders of the Webbman", but I'll touch on a few of the high points and leave out the lows because as noted so duly in today's Blog Title . . . .

While, I CANNOT prevent the Birds of Sorrow from passing over my head and perhaps pooping on it as they pass, I CAN do everything in my power to keep those same birds from
 Building a Nest in My Hair!

Life is all what you make it and we need to celebrate every day, even when it's not what we had hoped for, not what we had envisioned.  So with that in mind, here's to "Big Hair" and to finding the indescribable joy of Grand-babies.  The lil critters come into our life, tug on our heartstrings, and nestle themselves into an unforgettable spot - a spot that is coveted by those of us they call "Bitsy, Honey, Grammy, Shug, LuLu and Lovie".  We proudly love and celebrate them each day. 

Stay tuned because tomorrow, I'm going to tell you guys all about Webb's accomplishments over the last few months.  He is one amazing little guy, but I'm pretty sure ya'll all know that already! 

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