Sunday, July 31, 2011

9 Months in WebbLand and FREE Admission!

Yes, I'm going to go for the cheesy phrase . . . . . "It Seems Like Yesterday", because it does.  It seems like we just got the news that our little Meisenheimer Crew were expecting.  It seems like yesterday that we obsessed over nursery fabrics, nursery furniture, names, would we have a boy, would we have a girl, would we have a few boys and girls?  It didn't seem to matter.  Quite frankly, NONE of it seemed to matter when our little Halloween Man arrived that night.  With all honesty, other than the birth of the Lil Momma, that night was the most special, most amazing, most joyful day of this Bitsy's life.  There is no effective way to describe what ensued, but I'm fairly certain that if you're a Bitsy's Bits reader, you know it was just the next best thing to french toast slathered with powdered sugar and butter.  Absolute heaven, the Webbman's Day of Birth and the French Toast!

In hindsight, this Bitsy has spent a great deal of time and effort on what some people would view as "totally unnecessary, completely frivolous" activities, and perhaps those people would be correct.  It probably began before the Webbman was born with my vision of  custom "matching" shirts for the Grandmom's that very classicly read "Webb Thomas Meisenheimer's Bitsy" and of course "Webb Thomas Meisenheimer's Honey".  Don't think we didn't wear them either because we did EVEN to the Outlet Mall.  We wore them with smiles. 

Welcome to the World Lil Man.
  Honey & Bitsy Love Being Grandma's!
And then, there was the 8.5 foot hand painted Stork that I decided HAD to welcome the little family home upon their arrival from the hospital.  As with lots of things that this Bitsy does, it was a great idea, but not real well thought through.  I made arrangements to have it made and neither the young woman who made it or myself factored in that the adorable stork weighed in at 40 lbs, plywood supports and all, and was not cost efficient to ship.  "No Problem" pours off my lips to the young artist who lived in Mobile.  I'll meet you half way . . . . . so off I drove in my Cadillac CTS which quite decidedly made a good "ride for Bitsy" but did NOT make such a good "ride" for Mr. Stork.  After much pleading and convincing, a great big thank you goes to the Manager of the Gulfport, MS Chuck E Cheese who was kind enough to help me stash and store Mr. Stork in their storeroom until Drew "Precious" could come help me "deliver" him in a more appropriate vehicle . . . . .  like a TRUCK!  Irregardless, the Welcome Home Stork was the most beautiful Welcome Home Stork I've ever seen and one day I just know that the Webbman, the Lil Momma and Precious will smile when they remember arriving in Waveland to see his inviting smile by their front door!

Welcome Home from Bitsy!

 Then, there was the bright idea to schedule baby pictures at one week old.  That concept in itself - not so novel, right?  Well, hold on . . . . . I'm getting to the good part.  Remember, I had months to imagine the Lil man, to look forward to all the joy and wonder that would slide right into our lives upon his delivery, so the "costuming and outfitting" began.  What could be more precious that a "sock monkey", right?  Yep, that's right, a sock monkey cocoon and cap were created for the Webbman.  A beautiful pale blue cocoon and snugly cap was created for the Webbman, there were pumpkin hats and OleMiss outfits . . . . . but the critical factor here was Bitsy didn't stop long enough to think about the fact that the Lil Momma and Precious MAY not have wanted their son dressed up like a baby doll.  Bitsy learned on that occasion, but I will say that his pictures were absolutely precious and again, ONE day, I just know that the Webbman, the Lil Momma and Precious will look back and smile at our lil sock monkey and feel that warm feeling that Bitsy did in her heart. 

Webbman in his Sock Monkey Cocoon and Gus.
Webbman in his beautiful baby blue cocoon served for your viewing pleasure on a tray!
I won't say that I learned right away, Webbman and family had to endure "Turkey Caps" at Thanksgiving, embroidered First Thanksgiving outfits, an adorable "Mr. Bingle" outfit which Bitsy took upon herself to use as her Christmas Card for 2010, Happy New Years outfits, Happy Mardi Gras Outfits, Valentines Day outfits, Happy St. Patrick's Day outfits, Happy Easter outfits and yes, we even had a Happy 4th of July Outfit.  Amidst all my joy, this Bitsy will admit that hindsight is foresight and perhaps, the Webbman didn't NEED all of this.  Perhaps, the Webbman didn't NEED any of it, but with both those facts offered up for God and everybody to know, this Bitsy sure loved every minute of her amazingly handsome lil man wearing everyone of them.  I just KNOW that someday again, the Webbman, the Lil Momma and Precious will smile and go "awhhhhhhh" when they look at them, except MAYBE if they show up in years to come in the Webbman's graduation or wedding video.  He may not find the joy in the experience then, but his Bitsy will.  I will always think he was the most amazingly precious Sock Monkey, Pumpkinhead, Turkeyhead, Mr. Bingle lookin', New Year's baby, etc. that ever hit the face of this earth!

Gobble Gobble
Jingle Jangle Jingle Here Comes Mr. Bingle
Happy 2011!
Happy Mardi Gras!  Throw Me Something Mister.
All Aboard the Love Train!
Here Comes Peter Cottontail speeding down the Bunny Trail.

The Webbman's 9 months have included accomplishment after accomplishment and don't think this Bitsy hasn't noticed.  He is one very "accomplished" young man!  He SMILES - and what a smile!  He rolls over and very gracefully if I must say so myself.  He REACHES and GRABS and HUGS.  He SITS UP and throws his plastic balls.  He is the best "bathtub toy splasher" that any Bitsy could ever have. He plays PEEK-A-BOO and he PULLS UP.  He's just about to get the crawling thing down pat too. Right now, it's more of a "dragging" but the "crawling" is right around the corner.  He HOLDS his own bottle and EATS  like there is no tomorrow.  He's in a BIG BOY Car seat now! He's got ONE tooth and another ONE popping out, and by the way, his teeth are beautiful.  He has BABY EINSTEIN memorized and has managed to WRAP all those that encounter him around his finger.  Yes,  he is one "accomplished" young man.   Goodness only knows where 10 months will bring us.  I will say, I believe the Webbman is safe for awhile.  There are no real discernible holidays until Halloween and  I guess you guys can bet . . . . . that Bitsy may be having a few "visions" floating around in the back of her mind.  I'm fighting them though . . . . fighting them really hard!

Splish Splash Webb is taking a bath!

This Bitsy finds herself amazingly grateful and extremely thankful for the opportunity provided in being involved in the Webbman and his parent's lives.  I understand that I am a handful, that I can be just a little "over the top", and yes perhaps even "off the chain", but there's one thing I know for slap damn certain ~ there is no shortage of love for our lil man or this lil family.  Our crew has one great big swollen heart and that folks is one very good thing!

Oh, and WebbLand, it's the best place a Bitsy can be.  One more thing, I'm really glad the Lil Momma and Precious haven't figured out, I'd probably PAY an admission fee :)  Until next time  . . . . . Enjoy your Sunday!

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