Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The BIG BOY Haircut

In a little less than 12 days, something will happen  . . . .  Our lil Webbman will be 17 months old!  This feat,  in itself,  is something special, however when I reflect on the last year and a half, I can hardly remember what our lives were like BW (before Webb).  Isn't it funny how children do that (make us feel like they've always been part of our lives)?  They are born and immediately our hearts are consumed with immense feelings of warmth for them.  God knew what he was doing when he brought these precious lil pip squeaks into our lives.  Somewhere between the end of January and now, our lil man went from having that itty bitty baby look to the handsome lil man look.  I think it happened with his last hair cut.  It's a real live "big boy haircut" !  It just happens when you're least expecting it! Whammo, the "baby" vanished and the "big boy" made his debut!

In the next few months, he is going to be jibber jabbering words at us and I can tell you, we will all be amazed at his brilliance.  Me, I'm just waiting to hear that lil voice resound one word . . . . . not just any word, but "Bitsy".  I've been drilling him for the past 17 months and I can't help but believe somewhere, in the deep dark crevices of his extremely intelligent, Albert Einstein like lil Webbman brain, out it's going to pop ........ the word I've anticipated . . . . . "BITSY", and I also have a feeling that that one word is going to wrap itself around my heart and squeeze it like a big ole bear hug.   Of course, I can't imagine anything being better than just looking at the lil man smile!

For those of you who don't know just what "Bitsy" means, let me remind you.

Main Entry:  bit-sy
Pronunciation: \'bit-see\
Function: adjective or noun
etymology:  itsy-bitsy
Date: 1905
Meaning: Tiny (adjective);  One excellent, dedicated, adoring, always there when you need her, "kick ass" Granny, Grandmother, Grandmom, Mother of Child's Mother (noun)
Example:  See picture below:

Bitsy:  One Kick Ass Grandmom and Proud Of It

OK, now that we've gotten that important fact taken care of, I thought I'd simply share two pictures of the Webbman from this week and a short video of him enjoying time with the Lil Momma and Drew "Precious".  I love him (Can you tell?) and I love his Momma and Daddy too (Had that one figured out didn't you?).  Enjoy!

The Webbman Checking things OUT!

See, Big Boy Haircut!

Get Ready for your Heart to Be Warmed . . . . . . . . . .

Oh, By the Way, his PawPaw gave him this "kick ass" swing.  He thinks it's pretty awesome!

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