Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm a Big Boy and the Easter Basket Supreme

Do we EVER get too old for an Easter Basket?  This Bitsy doesn't think so.  There's something magical and fun about the idea of a basket of goodies appearing overnight just for you and even more magical when you factor in the whole "delivered by a rabbit" thing!  I've been working on a handmade Easter basket for the Webbman and I'm loving how it's turning out.  I tried something different this year and made his basket liner out of red felt and have hand sewn royal blue, yellow and green bugs around the outside edge of it, with his name sewn on the other side in case some other person decides they are going to abscond it while our lil man isn't looking! 

The Lil Momma and Drew "Precious" aren't much on the Webbman imbibing in candy and other totally useless caloric intake that his Bitsy includes as a staple in her daily regime, so I've had to "shift my way of thinking".  I've had to "think healthy" and I gotta admit, it's hard enough "thinking" but when you add the "healthy" factor in, it has thrown me into quite the tailspin.  So far, all I've come up with that will have the capability to survive the United States Postal Service is yogurt snacks, goldfish and animal crackers but have no fear . . . . . . . . the meager amount of candy has been offset by the "fun" items that are making the cut.  I can't disclose what the Easter Bunny will be bringing yet because I want it to be a surprise for the lil Momma and Drew Precious, but I can say that they will have fun with some of these items also.  I'll give ya'll a hint, though......................think bugs!

This morning as I was talking with the Lil Momma, we talked about how much he would change over the next few months and she began to tell me about how much he LOVES the back yard.  Their new home has a lovely fenced in back yard area with thick plush grass so I can understand him wanting to be back there.  She continued on by saying that since it's warming up and daylight longer, he really would stay outside for hours and be perfectly content, so much so that when it's time to come inside . . . . . . the lil fella doesn't want to "give it up".  I reminded her of the many times her Dad and I would call her to come inside and she would take off like a flash down the street at a rapid rate of speed.  It was not a pretty picture with her in the lead and her short chubby momma coming in at dead last!  She also began to tell me about how he no longer wants to be "carried in her arms" into Mothers Day Out.  The Webbman wants to walk, alone, independently . . . so down she puts him and stays in close range.  She noted that not only does he WANT to walk, and he DOES, that WHEN he walks, IF he falls,, he picks himself up, wipes off his OWN knees and keeps on going and wants NO assistance on her part!

Yep, He's a Big Boy . . . . . . .

Yep, our lil Webbman is all boy and we're so glad he is just that . . . . . . . "our lil Webbman".  Thank you itty bitty sweet baby Jesus, all the Angels and Saints for the small miracle you have placed in our life and yep, thank you for the divine vision you gave his Bitsy for his Easter basket!  I'm awful proud of it.  Pictures coming soon!

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