Tuesday, June 7, 2011

729 Days on this Earth without the most Kick Ass Granny In the World

Today, June 07, 2011, marks 1 years and 364 days since the Lil Momma's Granny went to Granny "heaven".  Sometimes it seems like yesterday, but other times it seems like an eternity. 

Life is a little less joyous.  Life is a little less full and life is definitely lonelier for many people since Granny left us.  Yes, as the ex-daughter n law, this "Bitsy" includes herself in the "us" composition.  I've blogged on other occasions about what an amazing grandmother Gloria Saba Moran was.  As sad as losing "Granny" was, I've realized over these years that she taught us all the importance of family, the importance of love, and how "unimportant" "STUFF" really is.

I've smiled many a time remembering something she said or something she did and yes, on occasion, how "crazy" we made each other.  I believe that was because we were so very much alike.  We loved so many of the same things and one (1) of those things was the Lil Momma.  I could go on for days about all the special things Granny did and well maybe I should.  Maybe, just maybe, by remembering her in all the joyful ways that she touched our lives, it will soften the memories of the day she left us to join those who passed before her.  Maybe, by remembering the special way she touched our lives, that smile she brought will creep back slowly in place of the sadness that will loom and lurk tonight and tomorrow.  Maybe just maybe.


  • Granny worked harder than any woman I know.
  • With the money that Granny worked so hard to make, she spent every dime on her children, grandchildren and family - there was nothing she loved more than doing for those she loved.  I learned early not to say I liked something or the Lil Momma liked something because whenever she got paid, there that something would be.  Very rarely, if ever, do I remember Granny buying for herself.
  • Granny was there for me when my Mom was not since she had passed away years before.
  • Granny showed this novice Mom how to change a diaper, how to bathe the Lil Momma, and well basically we went by the "Granny's Guide to Child Rearing Book" for a long time in our Moran household. 
  • Granny never missed a school event.
  • Granny never missed a ballgame.
  • Granny never missed a hoot, a holler, a cheer or, for that matter, a curse at the referee when it came to one of her grandbabies playing ball.  She was "WELL KNOWN" in the ballpark, in a good way, of course.
  • Granny decorated for every holiday.
  • Granny made a point of taking the grandbabies to shop for their parent's Christmas Gifts.  It was a Granny/Grandchild outing solely financed with the Christmas Club Saving that Granny ALWAYS did.  I believe the Lil Momma's till has her last Christmas Club Savings Check from Granny and hasn't been able to part with it.  Granny would WANT her to spend it!
  • Granny stood up fiercely for her children with a passion that nobody could contend with.
  • Granny adored Carnival and parades and everything that went with them.
  • Granny loved children, not just her grandchildren, but she made every child on the hill (or within any distance of the hill) feel like she was "their" Granny.  She fostered one and all.
  • Granny was not judgmental of her family (God forbid anybody else, but she was the Joan of Ark type defender of the Moran crew.
  • Granny had an infectious laugh.
  • Granny had an infectious smile.
  • Granny made Gingerbread houses every year, she decorated jack-o-lanterns with the grandkids every year and dyed Easter eggs with the grandkids every year.
  • Granny made every kind of Christmas cookie, fudge, divinity, pralines.etc. imaginable every year.
  • Granny adored live Christmas trees and she was amazed by Christmas lights.
  • Granny made a LARGE amount of whisky filled fruitcakes every Christmas and I, for one, can tell you that the Lil Momma's PawPaw Pat (my Dad) would drive me bonkers until I made certain he got his fruitcake and probably a few other people's too!
  • Granny loved chotchkas.  You know lil nic naks.  They were everywhere, but that was fine because we all just kept buying them for her because we KNEW she loved them.
  • Granny was the best confidante and friend anyone could possibly ever have, because no matter if she agreed or disagreed with you, she would listen and listen attentively, and this trait my friends is probably what made Granny such an amazing person.    What more does a person want than just to have someone listen and utter two words. . . . . . . "I understand".   And she did, just that . . . . UNDERSTAND.
I could go on for a long time with all the things Granny was and all the reasons that I thank God everyday that she blessed our lives so richly, but I would still not cover everything adequately.  There's just not hours in this day.  It makes me so sad to know how much she would have adored the Webbman, but somehow, I believe she's watching and I know she's guiding . . . . . . and I know she's CHEERING "loudly" from above! 

We miss you Granny.
Thanks to you . . . . . . all three (3) grandbabies turned out to be KICK ASS KIDS
 just like their KICK ASS GRANNY!

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