Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Upside of this stinkin' thing known as "Long Distance Bitsying"

Bet ya'll thought I had some mystical revelation last night or that the waters had parted and God had shown me the way or at least shown me how "not so entirely awful being a long distance Grandma is" . . . . . WRONG.  Didn't happen, but what I did realize today is how hard the Lil Momma tries.  Big Whoop right?  Still  no LIVE and IN PERSON Webbman appearances daily.  Still NO baby smell, NO baby drool, NO baby giggles, NO watching and listening on the baby monitor, but the Lil Momma trying so hard to include Bitsy is worth something - a PRETTY BIG something in fact.

Not every day, but a number of times a week, my phone makes the noise I love the most.  It resounds with the intro to ZZ Top's Bad to the Bone (YEP, I'll probably need to change that before our Lil Webbman is old enough to realize that I've tagged him with that THEME song).  I adore hearing this just about as much as I like chocolate cake, and that's a mouthful (just wish it was a mouthful of chocolate cake).  It means, I have a text message from the Lil Momma  which usually means (although not always) that I've received a daily update about our lil guy. 

It may just be a picture of she and the lil man buggy'ing their way down the detergent aisle at the grocery, or it may be the little bundle of perfection smiling like he's smiling right at me, or sometimes, it's just him with a pile of 20 or so toys strewn in front of him intent on just which one is going to bring him the most JOY.  The "upside" of this stinkin' long distance Bitsying is that I take NOTHING for granted.  I SAVOR every little breath, every little sound, every little movement of those teenie tiny tootsies and footsies.  Being away from the lil guy, I believe, has made me realize how very special each minute is that I live and breathe as Webbman's Bitsy.  Whatever the text message is and the picture included depicts, it is quite certainly this woman's definition of the word "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".  Yep, when I look at what has come across the lines of AT&T or thru the great internet connection of internet connections, my heart melts, the "thump thump" speeds up to "thump thump thump".  Bottom line is that it's funny just how much these little blurbs, blips, texts, pictures and phone calls mean to someone who is away, how much the mundane everyday things that the Lil Momma experiences on a daily basis tend to make this Bitsy's day.  All I can say is 'THANK YOU LIL MOMMA" FOR thinking of me and most of all for recognizing just how important YOUR LIL MAN is to YOUR MOMMA.  I Love you Kate Ellen.  You may think you were demoted on the love-o-meter when the Webbman was born into our world, but you weren't . . . . . . . the Webbman, however, is right up there with you.

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  1. omg! i love reading what you have to say! You give me goosebumps! Your words are just amazing!!!