Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Joy of Knowing He's Loved and J'Lo Aint Got Nothin' on Bitsy

I love the Bay!

Webbman's first boatride
I'm back!  OH how I've missed my blogability! No internet access for seven days somehow is just OK when you're visiting the grandbaby.  After a week in Bitsy Heaven or more commonly known as "Webbland", I've completed the journey home.  Every visit is good.  Every visit is filled with blessings.  Every visit holds joy, but despite all these things, this Bitsy always finds herself just a tad sad and in a "Bitsy funk" just knowing she has to leave.  Somehow today, it wasn't so sad.  Somehow I found today filled with the joy of things to come.  This morning, as I stopped to get my last hug, my last kiss and my last burst of Webb's infectious giggles, there HE was.  There HE SAT, flat in the middle of the living room floor.  Nope, I didn't miss this "Webbmark", or as some of you would say . . .  this "benchmark".  I was there "live and in person" to witness this amazing feat~performed by our amazing lil man.  What a joy it was to see the Webbman sitting up all by himself.

It's hard to believe, but the "sitting up" accomplishment wasn't all.  Watching the lil man sit up by himself was just the tip of the iceberg. Today, the Webbman got to go on his first boat ride, with his sunhat and life preserver topping off the fashionable decidedly "stylish" most nautical "look".  Nope, I didn't get to go on this trip but I did get to know that his PawPaw had the joyful opportunity to take him on his first boat ride.  What more fitting a day for it than "Memorial Day"?  Knowing that Webb's PawPaw, the Lil Momma, Precious and my favorite Marine, my nephew Cody, got to accompany the Webbman has made me almost as happy as if "I" had taken him - please make a note. . . . . I said "almost".  This Grandparenting thing brings out a side of you that sometimes gets stuck away in a closet somewhere - the kinder, gentler side, the side that reminds you that love is about sharing, and when you share, you find joy.  This little man has certainly brought joy to all of his grandparents.  He has enriched our lives and brought back smiles that oftentimes get put on hold in the midst of life's day to day circumstances.

I'm just sitting here wondering what they're staring at!
Let's see if I can wrap up a week in Webbland.  There were graduation parties, lots of family time, Outdoor Festivals and lots of beautiful breezy Mississippi Gulf Coast days.  There were hugs from my favorite Marine and my favorite Marine's wife visiting from California.  There were dinners with girlfriends and lots of good seafood.  As for the Webbman, Other than the everyday joys of blueberries and apples being eaten with reckless abandon, carrots and summer squash being swallowed as if there were no tomorrow and extended lengthy conversations held between our adorable lil guy and his Bitsy about "Lord only knows what", the high point for this Bitsy was just watching him smile . . . (Oh and, of course, Bitsy perfected her Jennifer Lopez rendition but with alot more butt and much less vocal ability done solely because these routines make Webb giggle and maybe a little because Bitsy enjoys acting like a fool).  Whatever the reasons, giggles and laughter were in abundance, and in this case "giggle abundance" is a darn good thing to be abundant of!

I know all babies smile, but the Webbman smiles all the time.  He stops long enough to rest his facial muscles, eat, sleep, regroup and then, he HAS at it again.  He is, quite literally, the happiest baby I have ever witnessed, and THAT I attribute to the number of people who dote, dwell, coo, gurgle, ewww and ahhhh over him.  There is just something about knowing that he is loved and cared for so deeply by so many that just makes my heart swell.  Grandchildren are certainly God's gift to a family - one for which there are just not enough words.   I can't wait to see him again, but for the next few weeks the lil man, the lil Momma and Precious have their hands full with family weddings and a trip to Florida.  I so hope they have a good time . . . . . . I KNOW the Webbman will and his smile will tell the tale! 
I love snuggling with my Rebel Black Bear, OH and SMILING.

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