Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Said Little Boys Were No Fun to Dress ???

Two words that are near and dear to Bitsy's heart:  Children's Clothes and Birthday Parties (oops, that's four (4) words, but who's counting)?

If someone asked me (.......which they did NOT, but here is where the joy of blogging takes hold. When it's your blog, you can chime on in ANY subject at ANY time, whether anybody asked you about it or not.  You can throw stuff out there whenever you feel the need to volunteer needless information....).  Anyhow, if someone "bothered" to ask me just what things I enjoyed the most about having a little girl, one of them would certainly be the ability to "dress her up".  In hindsight, this particular trait is probably not my strong suit.  Every year when the Lil Momma's birthday celebration rolled around, it was a ritual.  I affectionately referred to this time period as the "Birthday Celebration Preparation Process" or "BCPP" for short.  Bitsy would take great care to select just the perfect napkins, just the perfect plates, and make certain that the bakery could incorporate the theme onto the birthday cake.  It had to all be "party perfect".

I'm pretty certain THIS hat will NEVER make it to Webb's head, BUT Bitsy could MAKE him one :)
None of that is odd, right?  Every Mom takes painstaking effort for their children's birthday parties, right?  Well, I'm not quite finished.  I had to take it a notch further.  I can only reason that I must have fancied myself a children's clothing designer of sorts.  Yep, I'm certain that's it, I was a "CLOSET" Vera Wang dying to be "discovered".  This is where it gets a little "OUT THERE".  The next part of the Birthday Celebration Preparation Process (BCPP) involved a brand spankin' new white T-shirt, acrylic paint and the "budding" artistic talent that I quite likely lacked, however "rest assured", the lack of talent never stopped me.  I would sit myself down at the dining room table, party napkin strategically placed to my right and T-shirt directly in front of me.  I would then "sketch" the design of the napkin onto the Tshirt, carefully outline it, paint it, let it dry appropriately, flip the shirt, apply wax paper and "iron it" to set the masterpiece that now resided on the Lil Momma's birthday Tshirt.  Next, I would find "just the right fabric" to coordinate with the undiscovered "Vera Wang Moran" creation and sew a perfectly gathered "ruffle" skirt onto the bottom of the shirt.  This creation "in my eyes" became just the right creative masterpiece to be donned by the Birthday Girl for her party.  Yes, you understood me.  The Perfect Party Dress had been designed, sewn and created by ME.  The Lil Momma matched her cake, napkins, plates and cups for several years of her Pre-K life.  Looking back, I'm thankful nobody mistook her for the pinata.  Looking even further back, I'm thankful the Lil Momma still speaks to me.  I'm sure there's a law concerning designing your child's birthday attire, and if there's not. . . . .there probably should be :)

What made me think of all these loving details that I'm hoping the Lil Momma has supressed all these years?  Well, truth be told, with the Webbman's First Birthday fast approaching (a mere five (5) short months away), we have BOTH been having "visions of party planning thoughts" dancing in our heads. Bear in mind, I'm sure the visions aren't quite the same.  Of course, you ALL know the "official term" for this "visionary process" and I know the "official term" for this "visionary process".  This is where being an old pro helps.  We simply just need to  break out  "Bitsy's Guide to the Birthday Celebration Preparation Process" (BBCPP).  I've been through this before, but it will be easier this time.  We won't need a ruffle.   

Who said Little Boys were no fun to Dress????? 

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