Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Girl Singer in the Band, Old Friends and that guy at the Bar!

Last night ended up being the first "footloose and fancy free" night that this Bitsy has had in the week and a half that she has been "home" visiting with the Lil Momma, Precious and the Webbman.  Truth be known, it's the first night I've been OUT anywhere other than to EAT in a number of years!   A last minute invitation came up to have a "girl's" night with a group of very very very old and very very very dear friends.  It's always struck me as odd how the friends you had as children, and in my case all through high school, come with "no expiration date".  They're amazing because you quite literally "pick up right where you left off" when you see them again.  It doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen them, what they look like, their current situation in life or anything else - all that matters is they are the same girls, more like sisters, that were there when you mortified yourself in front of your first boyfriend, that you were in and out of their homes as kids, knew their "momma and them", experienced joy with them, sadness with them and in my case, quite simply . . . . . "Just Always Knew If I Needed Them", really really needed them that they would come, no matter what unquestionably and see you for the person you were before life jaded you!  Old friends are disguised as regular people, but somehow I believe they are angels placed on this earth to pick you up and dust you off when you most need it!  I must have been covered with dust because I feel better today.

Well, enough on all that.  The "Friends Forever" Crew hauled this "Casino" novice to the Island View Casino for dinner, got me signed up for the players club so I could get my "FREE PLAY funds" since of course, I had no FREE PLAY funds of my own and enjoyed a nice meal (which one of the FF Crew graciously paid for with her comps).  Not living close to anywhere that facilitates gaming, I've never had an appreciation for any of it, but I could see last night just HOW it could become a "social" event and yep, I reckon a social "detriment".  It was a treat for this Bitsy since I've never graced the doors of the Island View Casino.  At any rate, I played and lost my FREE PLAY funds in a split second and off I went to the open area to enjoy to the band.  As I sat there, watching the people interacting I thought, as I so often do, and then I thought some more.  I over analyzed every person, came up with my own judgment of who they were, what they did in life, their personalities and every other thing about them that I had NO realistic idea as to what their real story was.  By the looks of some of the women dancing and flitting about, I am fairly certain they had been practicing their swaggers and dance moves on "poles" located either in their homes or place of employment.  Gosh, I never thought this thought would cross my mind, but "At least they must have a job in this economy :), even if it may include a "pole".  Then there were the young twenty somethings out just having a good time, lots of girls dancing alone, dancing with other girls and well, just dancing wherever they stood.  The inhibitions that lurked inside of this Bitsy at their age, certainly are not present in them at their age.  I watched the one lone older gentleman ask every younger woman in the place to dance (and when I say OLD, bear in mind OLD is relative to me, and his OLD was somewhere around 90).  This is when I began to feel as if I should lower my definition of OLD to include ME!!!  Funny thing is, I didn't want to dance with the old guy anyhow, but when I got passed over I was a smidgen offended :)  I was somewhat relieved when he fell out on the dance floor that it was with one of the "pole dancers" and that I had indeed been deemed as dance unworthy by his old a@#.  Before ya'll start thinking I'm heartless and lack compassion, a few people helped him up and off he went. . . . . .never missing a beat to Boom Boom Pow!

All the "Friends Forever Crew" had straggled back to join me, apparently none substantially richer, but visibly not crying over losing the farm either, so all in all a good night from what I could tell in the world of pass time gaming!  We sat and talked and laughed and sat and talked and laughed some more for what seemed like an hour, but turned out to be multiple hours passing far too quickly.  One thing we all agreed on is that it's a given that as a group we DO NOT LIKE "well endowed, chiseled legged, short black dress wearing girl singers in bands.  We all agreed as a group that it didn't matter that she could belt out a song that sounded like Aretha Franklin coming out of a 5'2", 100 pd., stiletto heel wearing, healthy shining long black hair wearing late 20's girl singer, we would have much preferred listening to a full bodied, frizzy haired brunette of mixed heritage, wearing a Mu Mu, converse tennis shoes that had equal singing ability.  Jealousy in action?  Well maybe, but the fact remains, the b*&%h didn't need to be rubbing her short black dress and shiny hair in our face.  Mu Mu's win out every time.

Despite the girl singer and her obvious lack of fashion sense, the band was good.  Because our little group hadn't seen each other in many years, we felt the need to capture the moment for posterity on our camera phones.  Task at hand - pick just the right young man trolling at the bar that was just sober enough to get the picture in focus.  Well, we found him.  Seemed like a very nice young man in his late 20's, happy to oblige the group of motherly women who were having such a good time!  You tell me if we picked the right guy . .

Friends Forever Thru Thick and Thin

Well, maybe we should have found someone who could take a better picture, but he turned out to be a very nice fellow who delivered a round of pretty blue drinks to the "motherly crew" and took it very well when I asked him to somehow assure us that the drinks were not laced with any type of date rape drug.  He did call over his friends to assure me that he was a good guy and wouldn't ever do that, so after asking him to swap drinks with me, I believed him, drank my drink and shortly thereafter he disappeared for the remainder of the evening with one of the younger pole dancing contingent :).  I guess "good for him", but as a Bitsy, I am going to do my best to warn the Webbman about the dangers of the pole dancing contingent that lurk about just looking for nice young men who purchase drinks for groups of 50ish women cackling randomly at life!  Take heed Webbman.......your Bitsy will always try to steer you clear of the "pole".

I hope the Friends Forever Crew don't wait so long next time, because if we do, I'm fairly certain there best be a Casino in the afterlife because I would lay odds, I'm not here for another 35 years~Happy Saturday ya'll.  Enjoy.

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