Saturday, July 30, 2011

Becoming Comfortably "Wierd" with Being a little "Wierd" & Things I Wish I Told the Lil Momma!

Every Lil Man Needs a Pair of Keds

I don't know about any of you, but I've always spent a great deal of time thinking about all the things I hope I told the Lil Momma.  I mean Life is most certainly a test and I like to believe I raised her believing she could "ace" it, however, like most Mom's, I second guess myself more often than not.  There are so many things I wish I would have known when I was younger . . . . so many things that I hope the Lil Momma has learned or at least witnessed through her Momma's many blatant mistakes.  Things like . . . . . .

  • Your thoughts don't need to dictate your life.
  • That helping others is the true path to improving every area of your life - business or personal.
  • That living in the present and embracing the moment is what's best~not living in the future or the past.
  • That nobody can be changed.  People only change because the pain of changing is less than the pain of staying the same.
  • Wish I'd known NEVER to actively participate in GOSSIP.  It's the slow death of your SOUL.
  • That starting a business doesn't involve as much planning or money as I once thought.
  • That everything I ever stressed out about didn't matter much a year later.
  • I wish I would have know HOW to plan my "finances" a little better.
  • I wish I'd known that what's right for me isn't necessarily right for someone else.
  • That "failure" IS an option, it's OK, and sometimes it's even good.
  • That "home" REALLY is where the heart is.
  • Wish I'd known that "regrets" keep you from moving on.  Move on and be done with it.
  • That "intelligence" is not necessarily something you're born with, but it IS more importantly, something that can be "worked on".
  • Wish I'd known to just befriend "change"  -  it's inevitable.
  • I wish I'd known how to feel comfortably "weird" about being a little "weird".
  • I wish I'd known that it's true that honesty in every situation is "always, always, always" the best policy.
  • That learning doesn't end when you leave school . . . .
  • That the world is as big as you want it to be . . . .
  • That the world does not owe you any favors, you have to step up to the plate and be counted!
  • That even though women can't really "grow a pair" we should at least be more "assertive".
  • That the phrase "Just Try It" has merit in every single situation in Life.
  • That the little black dress of life could be altered to fit ME!
  • That not being "well off" didn't mean I didn't have a rich life.
  • That love and sex are two entirely different things.
  • That my thoughts control HOW I feel and HOW I feel affects HOW I see the world.
All these things are things that this Bitsy has learned in her many years of being Bitsy.  Some I had to learn the hard way and some just seemed to pop up out of the blue, however ALL of them are things I hope somehow someway I was able to share with the Lil Momma.

OK, enough because the more I think, the more things I realize I wish I'd known.  I came across this video on You Tube and I know that this young woman's Momma and Grandmom have to be beaming with pride.  Heck, I'm proud of her and I don't even know her.  Way to go kiddo.  You see SHE has the right idea.  Say it before you have them and video it!  We should all be so vocal with the things we want our children to know.  

I didn't mention the Webbman tonight much, but I did buy him a pair of Keds today . . . . . size 3.  Every lil guy needs a pair of Keds and if they don't know they do, hopefully their Bitsy does!  Night ya'll.

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