Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zagats Guide to Fine Dining in WebbLand

This Bitsy has just come back from a 10 day stint in the revered and most coveted and sought after vacation venue of choice - "WebbLand".  I attempted a number of times to get my creative juices to work and "blog" abit, but all I could focus on was how precious my time was with our baby boy.  Every time I plopped down in front of the good ole laptop, I'd hear a growl, a giggle, a gurgle, a shriek of some indiscernible string of sounds which I translated into "Come Get Me Bitsy", although it's entirely possible the lil guy just had gas.  Whatever the Webbman was trying to say, this Bitsy responded in kind with the same growl, the same giggle, the same gurgle and yep even a few shrieks.  I will say, our lil guy has the sounds down pat and sounds adorable when they're coming from him.  Somehow, when they roll off my vocal cords it comes across more like a very large animal in some sort of pain.

Whatever, the case . . . . The lil fella quite rightfully got every ounce of attention I was capable of providing.  We played "toss the ball".  Webb threw it, Bitsy retrieved it.  This went on for some undefined period of time most every day several times a day.  That boy has got one heck of an arm on him!  We read books, lots and lots of books.  Didn't seem to matter which books, he simply likes listening and looking.  Most men could learn from the Webbman - nothing a woman enjoys more than having a man listen to her while she talks, an occasional smile, the occasional giggle or growl are value adding but a one sided conversation can work well for me!

The Webbman has begun to sprout teeth.  He has the most beautiful baby tooth peering out from bottom front center and has another peeking out top front center.  He doesn't quite know why he isn't feeling the love, but he isn't.  Those little suckers are wreaking havoc on the poor lil man, and is taking a toll on the pleasant demeanor of he and his Momma, but as with all baby challenges, the Lil Momma is rising to the occasion and battling teething in full armour. 

The Lil Momma has been working on introducing the Webbman to some "real" food that doesn't come straight out of the "organic" section of the baby food aisle.  Webb found a captive and engaged chef in his Bitsy.  My culinary skills allowed me to offer up fresh mashed sweet potatoes, creamed cauliflower, mashed carrots, fresh peaches pureed perfectly, mashed potatoes and the pie`ce de resi`stance, the true Southern delicacy of baby Lima beans with turkey sausage also smashed, mashed and pureed to perfection!  I am NOT the only culinary goddess in our family.  I would be remiss if I didn't add that Webb's great  "Aunt Miche" offered up some sea salt french fries for his snacking pleasure, and all indications were he appeared to be in french fry heaven.  The Lil Momma offered up some Nilla Vanilla Wafers which, without question, took the blue ribbon for first place with our sweet lil guy out of all offerings.  He even shared some with Gus, the family Labrador, who was happy to have Webb's leftover crumbs.

I'm back in Atlanta now with the hubby and our two dogs.  I wonder what I should do for dinner tonight.  Hmmmm . . . . . . .

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