Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogging with "BENEFITS" for Miss Avery

Vote for Avery!
Blogging with Benefits for Miss Avery

Who is the "average" "Bitsy's Bits" reader?
 Are YOU one?
 Do YOU fit in those "average" shoes?

I'm going to answer those questions before you waste time giving them any thought.  After all, we all need to conserve brain cells when and where we are able.  On that note, don't say I never did anything for any of ya'll.  Here goes.

Apparently from what I'm told, there is NOTHING "average" about the Bitsy's Bits reader.  The nice little program that monitors the statistical data which provides such riveting information as the # of page views per day, the search engines used to lead to Bitsy's posts, and the reason readers return daily tells me that the composition of  folks who read this blog can't be "labelled"  You guys aren't abnormal, not below "average", not necessarily above "average", just NOT average and yep "unable to be slapped with a label".  We have a daily reading factor of about 45-50 PPPs (a/k/a people per post).  Total page views since "inception" (about 5 months ago) come in at a whopping 10,943 individual page views as of midnight last night.  I'm told the Blog has a regular committed daily reading audience of about 50 people.  These are people who seem to, no matter what, always find their way to read whatever the hell it is I have to say.  (Thank you to whoever you are :)   The remaining 25 or so of  Bitsy's reading public is comprised of people from the United States, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and India.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I don't know a damn soul in any of these Countries, so these poor people are obviously searching for "something", ending up here, and well "some" of them must like what they read and return, while I'm increasingly certain that others end up here and leave "mumbling" about the inefficiency of the search engine they used and how they need to switch from Google to Bing.  Anyhow, I could continue to bore you with the percentage of folks who find themselves in "Bitsy's World" and whether they used Explorer, FireFox, or backed in through the Pentagon's computer mainframe, but I won't.  What I'm hoping is that "somebody",  "anybody", "anyone" who hits on Bitsy's Bits today will find themselves captivated as I have, captivated by a child.  I reckon all 50 some-odd of you daily avid readers are thinking "Sweet Mother of Pearl, she's headed off about the Webbman again", and on any other day, you would be right, BUT TODAY. . . . . TODAY you are WRONG. 

Today, I'm hoping to be a "blogger with benefits"!
  I'm hoping this blog post will "benefit" a very special little girl.

I'm hoping that I can "SHARE" a tiny bit about this amazing lil pipsqueak, and I'm optimistic that you will find her as captivating and loving as I have.
  I HOPE you will "SHARE" right back.

Avery is a beautiful Mississippi toddler who was diagnosed at 9 months with Glycogen Storage Disease.  Ever heard of it?  Nope, me either until I met Avery.  Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it's not a mean hateful little booger.  It's no fun for anyone, but most especially for a child.  Anyhow, a dear friend of mine has loved and talked about Avery since she was born, but I never had a chance to meet her until March of this year.  Avery's story is truly infectious.  The story, like those of so many other children whose lives are altered by disease and sickness of some sort,  pulls on one's heartstrings.  I won't profess to know much about GSD, but what I do know makes me wish I could find a cure.  What I do know makes me wish I could find a way to help Avery through all the twists and turns of this journey that she has found herself on.  Thankfully, Avery is blessed with two very special committed parents, loving family and friends, amazing doctors and nurses and a positive attitude and personality that was sent straight from heaven.  Really, Avery is a gift straight from the man upstairs.  Her voice, complete with Southern drawl, her eyes and her little prissy walk just melt your heart from the very first glance that you are lucky enough to get of her.  She is the picture of "Don't tell me I CAN'T because I'm going to surely TRY" and that in itself makes everyone she meets want to roll out the red carpet and smile while on their knees doing it.  My blessed opportunity to meet little Miss Avery was in March of this year on a weekend visit with my friend. I, like so many others, have become "Avery" Fans and we believe the best thing we can do is hope, pray and embrace research and study toward a cureHelp ME, help AVERY.  Help my little blog "BENEFIT" Avery. 

With two clicks of your mouse, YOU can HELP Avery.  YOU can increase public awareness about Glycogen Storage Disease and support fund raising efforts to assist in finding a cure for this disease.  Best part, other than the obvious, is that it doesn't cost you a penny.

Avery with her Doctor in May, 2011

It takes one minute and 2 clicks of your mouse.
  Yep, two clicks and it's done!
Click on the Link below, then click on Avery's race car!

Click HERE.  Right NOW:   Blogging with Benefits for Miss Avery

Please vote daily in this contest for Avery.  If you want to learn more about GSD, I've placed some links at the bottom of my post.  I'm not an expert, truthfully, I'm NO kind of "pert", but what I do know is Avery would appreciate your "clicks" and so would "Bitsy".  Thank you sincerely.

Avery on vacation - yeah ice cream would be nice but instead she has a SUGAR FREE RING POP! 

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog entry! You are so right -- Avery makes a lasting impression on all who meet her. She is an amazing little girl and I look forward to the day when she can eat ice-cream, taste the sunshine in an orange, and enjoy her own wedding cake one day! The cure is just around the corner and we appreciate all the love & support! Thanks again, Momma Di

  2. She is easy to love. I'm praying for plenty of :)