Thursday, July 28, 2011

I REFUSE to ANSWER on the GROUNDS that I DON'T WANT TO and Those Stupid Angry Birds

I REFUSE to admit to you folks that TODAY I actually found myself wondering what all the "hoopla" about this "Angry Birds" game is.   I also REFUSE to admit to you guys that I have NEVER EVER played a computer game, a video game ~ No Mario Brothers, No Pacman, No Computer Solitaire, No BeDazzled, No CupCake Wars but these damn "Angry Birds" are all over the place, IPhones, Androids, Mobile Apps, Magazines, even stuffed animals.  This Bitsy finds herself on a need to know basis with these angry lil creatures for the Webbman's sake. 

As far as I can tell, I've managed to live rather fully without the video game experience and with all that said, I REFUSE to admit that the possibilities of understanding and mastering this Angry Birds thing COULD have potential for being a little daunting for this Bitsy.  I WILL admit that, as a "Bitsy", I have considered the fact that BOYS seem to actually ENJOY video games.  They SEEM to find endless hours of entertainment in losing themselves, for example, in flocks of multi-colored birds, that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by a group of green pigs.  It seems that the object of the game is to eliminate all the pigs using sling shots, ahh now that may explain the appeal of the game.  Is there any wonder WHY these poor birds are ANGRY . . . . . the little creatures are used as ammunition in the sling shots to "take out" the pigs and the structures that the pigs seek shelter in.  There are big pigs, little pigs, pigs with crowns, pigs with helmets and armour.  There are blue birds, yellow birds, red birds, black birds and white birds.  The only redeeming thing I can see about this game is the fact that there ARE "different" colored birds.  I'd like to give Mr. Angry Birds Creator some credit for the possibility of attempting to instill cultural diversity in the masses by including colored birds, but sadly I would venture to say that I'm giving him far too much credit  :)  The "possibility" of acquiring "cultural diversity" is truly the only thing I walked away from as I worked fervently to figure out the appeal of this most revered game.  On the down side, the birds, in all their multi-colored glory, seem to have their own attributes and skills, just like people do . . . . . but don't get too excited.  Blue birds miraculously separate into 3 birds, black birds have the ability to explode, and white birds amazingly drop explosive eggs, but again . . . . . . don't be getting all warm and fuzzy about the things you'll learn as you play "Angry Birds".  The player, pigs, nor birds don't seem to have compassion, intelligence, sympathy, empathy or any other attribute that I'd like to have my lil Webbman learn, although maybe, just maybe I should give Mr. Angry Birds Creator some credit for the fact that some of the birds are "wingless" and could therefore be viewed as disabled and it "could be" said that they are displaying the determination to rise above said disability, but I don't see the ADA giving Mr. Angry Birds Creator any awards.

I did my homework and there's a possibility that I'm alone in my lack of understanding for these Angry Lil Birds.  Let me share some trivia with you about Angry Birds. You should sit down for this one, it's mind boggling, but true . . . . there are 200 million minutes of this game played each day on a global scale.  I'll admit that those that master it seem to quickly become addicted to it.  I'll also say that apparently after battling pigs for a few years now, the birds entered into some form of Peace Treaty with the little stinkers on video.  I try to be well rounded and want to understand this phenomenon in an effort to be somewhat "hip" for my precious grandbaby, so I thought I'd share.  This video was originally in Hebrew and it was created by the Israeli version of SNL.  Due to popular demand, the Angry Birds Peace Treaty video is now available in English, so go ahead and enjoy it with the understanding that they do drop the fbomb once or twice.  :)

With all this said, this Bitsy did spend several hours trying to build my video game skills, although I don't feel I benefited much from this endeavor today.  If someone would ask me today, just what I did because I adored my grandbaby, I would probably HAVE to say "I REFUSE to Answer on the Grounds that I Don't Want To :)  Damn those Angry Birds..............................................There are many speculations regarding the cause of the recent global economic recession, but we all know the truth.  I would just bet that it should be attributed to the Angry Birds and their effect on the productivity of our work force  :) :) 

Til tomorrow.........................................

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