Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Rat's Ass, A Hill of Beans and All the Tea in China

McKenzie's 10th Bday, Peanut butter Overload and the Birthday Messenger Mouse!
Well, here we are.  Sunday evening - another weekend gone kaput!  Not a bad weekend as weekends go, got to see the grandgirls (the hubby's precious little grand babies that I am blessed enough to get to share happy moments with).  The oldest turned ten years old this year (milestone birthday).  It's a big deal and yes, kind of sad, but I can look back and remember ten and I immediately go to eleven, then twelve, and so on. I can do this NOW, but I'm not sure that I could have done that when she was ten!  It's hard being a Momma and watching your children grow up right in front of your eyes . . . . every day . . . . every minute . . that damn clock ticks!  Time moves on and your little peanut moves on right with it.   I have to say that each year, life with the Lil Momma just got better!  Always something to enjoy, always something that I was surprised by and best of all, if she wouldn't have made it to ten, we wouldn't have made it to 25 and well we wouldn't have the Webbman!  I can't imagine life without him, of course, I don't really try to.  All I think about is cramming in every little moment I can get of the little guy!  So, CRAM I will and CRAM I will until this Bitsy can cram no more!

I am the type of person who does everything, and I mean "everything" to excess - and this especially applies when baking cakes.  It has never been enough to make a cake from the bottom up, along with ice cream.  No, this Bitsy concocts "mega cakes".  I tend to pile so much stuff on the cake that many times it quite certainly has "caved in" from the inside out.  I've had numerous cake explosions - sad but true.  Cake baking according to Bitsy involves too many layers, too much icing and add-ons that probably don't belong on a cake.  At 54, you would think the thought would occur to me to "step away from the cake pan".  Again yesterday, in an attempt to make something special for our ten year old Birthday Girl who loves peanut butter, I made a "Nutter Butter/Reeces Peanut Butter Cup" Cake.  The mission began - Homemade Chocolate Cake with Homemade Peanut Butter Icing - 3 Layers, Mega Icing with Nutter Butter Mini cookies in between each layer and strategically placed on the top.  I can't attest to the "tastiness" of this mega cake because after making it, the last thing I wanted to do was eat it. What I CAN say is I believe the girls enjoyed the rootbeer floats that we made spur of the moment much more than the "cake that ate Atlanta".

In Excess :) - the Cake that ate Atlanta
That's me . . . a birthday isn't complete unless there is a table set with colored plates, napkins, cups, a centerpiece, candles, ribbon, bows, and yes...............the mega cake.  I have always adored parties, holidays, special occasions, and well just the celebration of every day, and thankfully I can continue to do that.  I am counting the days until the Webbman's First Birthday and yes, I've mentioned to you guys in previous posts about my belief that we may need circus animals, and tents, cotton candy and popcorn.  We NEED it all, and this Bitsy doesn't give a "rat's ass" or a "hill of beans" who believes it may be excessive.  Bottom line is I wouldn't trade "ALL THE TEA IN CHINA" for our time with the Webbman.

On that note, I feel an obligation to ask - Do YOU guys know why we even use those terms?  What is it about a "rat's ass" that has made the saying worth repeating so many many times?  What is it about a "Hill of Beans" that causes us to refer to the fact that "We don't REALLY give a Hill of Beans" about something on many occasion?  And by the way, how MUCH tea is there in China - REALLY?  Just wondering?   

Our little 8 month old - Just had to throw in this picture.  I can do that - IT'S MY BLOG!

  Our Extremely Handsome Webbman! 

Hope ya'll have a good Monday!  Blog ya later alligator!

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