Friday, July 1, 2011

Bitsy asks "Why Do We Feel Compelled to "Dress Up" Our Pets" as she heads out looking for the PERFECT 4th of July Outfit for Buddy & Baxter!

Properly Poised For Patriotic Partying..And Hating Its Owner
I'm the worst, and I know it.  My poor two schnauzers have been dressed up in hula skirts, Christmas wreaths, Halloween outfits, Turkey Hats, and countless other silly attire that made me smile many times in their lives.

Today, as I headed to WalMart to look for red/white/blue tiara's to place on their little "male" heads, I pondered as to whether I was unique in my obsession to "dress animals up for the holidays"?  I guess I should admit, that I seem to do this to the Webbman too, but his Daddy has kind of "reeled" Bitsy in on this one.  He still allows it within reason, a Tshirt here, a Tshirt there, but I don't think I'm going to have an opportunity to dress him like Mr. Bingle again this Christmas.  Glad I seized the moment while I could last year! 

So with that thought process in mind, I used my favorite of favorite things ............................. GOOGLE!  I found that it seems others have similar problems when it comes to their pets.  I thought I would share on this 4th of July weekend ....... Here goes.

Poor Dog . . .  America just threw up on him.
Exploiting Your Dog..And Your Country  - Notice the Blue Toenails.

Escape by Air ????
Why .... just Why?
Tiny hat's not helping.

Your Dog is NOT Uncle Sam - MINE on the other hand,
 is an entirely different story :)

Last but not least, Happy 4th of July from Buddy, Bitsy's schnauzer who of course, does not look silly at all :)

I have serious issues with my "Mother" or
 maybe SHE just has ISSUES period.

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