Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's Mom Doing with my Clothes, Caroline-Please Don't Go and I Love the Outlet Mall.

This week has just flown by.  For that matter, so have the last four (4) months of Webbmania.  It's hard for me to believe that we only have a few more days until our little man will be celebrating his first quarter of a year milestone. Webb had a playdate with his friend, Caroline, on Tuesday.  They had a big time (pic below)  The Little Momma has also been packing up baby clothes and items that just didn't fit any more.  Sure seems like Webb has alot of them :)  We even found ourselves at the Mall exchanging outfits that still had the tags on them for ones in a 6-9 month size. 

It was an amazingly gorgeous day here in the thriving metropolis of Waveland, MS, so Webb, Mom and Bitsy piled in the car and headed to the outlet mall in pursuit of his first pair of blue jeans.  Webb adored the stroller, , the 800 million other babies out for a stroll, the fresh air, and the time out with some of the female contingent of his family.

The little man seems to be requiring more sleep this week and not quite as much food, so he turned in early the last 2 nights.  He needs his beauty rest for his Dr. Seuss pictures in a few hours.  I hope the gnats stay away, but we will see.

More later, ya'll have a good Saturday.
Bbbbbad to the Bbbone

Caroline and Webb Snuggling

Webbman and his "lovey"

My parents just make me laugh

Still smiling

Happy Child

Infectious Smile continued


  1. I love hearing about Webb and his shopping..I mean, after all, his momma, his Bitsy and his Honey all love shopping so if he is going to hang out with us, he needs to like it.
    Cannot believe he is getting so old! I miss him!

  2. Honey, not only did he tell me he adored shopping . . . . he told me he cannot WAIT to go to Disneyworld. He's waiting for us to save up our pennies :)