Monday, February 14, 2011

The Webbman Celebrates Valentines Day, 2.14.2011

Webb's Footprint - a Joint Project brought to you by the Little Momma, Bitsy and Big Peg

The Little Heartbreaker a/k/a/ Webb Thomas "Romeo" Meisenheimer

On this very special day, February 14, 2011, I awoke and realized WEBB "NEEDED" TO BE "BLOGGED" ABOUT.  Our LIFE with Webb needed to be "BLOGGED" about, if for no other reason than the JOY this little 13 lb. fellow has brought to ME! My Grandson, Webb Thomas Meisenheimer's, is having his very FIRST Valentines Day.  I have looked for, and found, so many reasons NOT to blog, and THEN, I realized that there is ONE amazing reason TO blog, and that would be the "Webbman"!   So, BLOG, I will.  Stay tuned since those of you that know me also know..................this could get very interesting.

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