Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day, Joe Biden and My son in law, Drew.

Amazing Day!  Who would have thought a few years ago I could have enjoyed watching Baby Einstein all day and laying on the floor in the nursery playing with Webbman?? For that matter, who would have even have dreamed there would  BE a "Baby Einstein".  It's a pretty cool thing~100% pure baby heaven, pure unabliterated focus and awe for hours and hours and hours.  Genius. 

This Bitsy had alot of thoughts today, lots of things flip flopping in this head of mine.  I found the better part of today was spent being grateful that Drew Meisenheimer is my son in law.  There are lots of strong admirable traits that he possesses, but the one I find most endearing is his ability to "endure".  In the last year, he told his co-workers and friends good-bye in Atlanta and moved to the Coast to step into a new position as District Manager.  He gets up every morning at the crack of dawn, walks Webb's canine brother, Gus, runs and heads on to his office in Gulfport, while a few days he drives to the Hattiesburg office to check in on them.  He comes home, walks back into the Dad and husband role and does it all over again.  Day to day stuff, well "maybe" if he didn't have to adjust to "all of us~all the time".  There are Morans, there are Murphy's, there are Turcotte's and "friends of the family" who for all practical purposes are family.  It may not sound like much, but he's pretty amazing to me, and I am thankful to have him in our crazy family.  A big shout out and a great big hug to Drew "Precious" Meisenheimer.

Today, during one of Webb's naps, I started pondering the concept of "President's Day".  I thought about President Obama and all those who preceded him in this spectacular job.  Do you think it ever occurs to him when he's hanging out in the Oval Office or putzing around the Rose Garden what a very unusual position he's in? What am I saying? Of course it occurs to him. But I mean in the bigger, cosmic, “Sweet Mother of Pearl, I’m keeping company with Teddy Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon!” kind of way. I wonder if he realizes that amidst all the silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln, that he is also a part of the legacy we commemorate?

For all practical purposes, he'll be forever enshrined in this very elite group. (Well, forever is a long time…I guess I mean for as long as there is an America, which I hope is a very long time.)  He could end up ON a coin, or be a marble statue on the Washington Mall, or have a big building with his name on top.  The rest of us can’t count on anything like that. Frankly, I’m delighted when I DON'T see my name IN the paper :)  I fully expect my descendants to poke at photos of me in just 50 years and say, “Now, who was this loon again?”

I sometimes wonder if a person in such a position starts feeling a little “out of body-ish” at times like this. I mean, for crying out loud: Your own holiday? I can see how becoming such a symbol and personification of something so much bigger than yourself could play tricks with the mind. Trust me. I know the dangers. I was once the Vice President of the C.Y.O.!

But Dad . . . . . I'm  trying to explain!
Anyway, despite all the hoopla, I hope our Pres can keep his senses intact and have a good time. The worst part of President Obama's day will be putting up with Joe Biden asking when Vice President's Day is?  I mean, as Webb's Bitsy, I HAVE to worry about these things because we all know . . . . . Webb will have to deal with this dilemma one day.

Get some shut-eye and I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow!   

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