Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Train, Lady GaGa and Bitsy

THERE is nothing quite like the sound of a train echoing in the distance as you lay your head on the pillow.  Well, nothing like it, EXCEPT, laying your head on somebody else's pillow while visiting the Webbman

TOMORROW, I'll be boarding the "National Railroad Passenger Corporation" or what we more affectionately call "Amtrak" as I eagerly head to Mississippi. Amtrak's Southern Crescent is an amazing means of getting from point A to B.  I adore riding the train, and as long as the Webbman doesn't move to Alaska, Hawaii, or South Dakota, I'm cool because out of all our great States, that Amtrak doesn't serve, those would be the problem children! Apparently, this train riding experience isn't exclusive to me . . .  Bitsy and 61 million other people per year hop on and off the train, and that doesn't include the Boxcar Willie's of the world.  I'm not a big "driver", although I have been known to burn the roads up that lead to Hancock County.  I've also been called by name at the Atlanta Airport on more than one occasion, but I believe that out of all the "ways to get there", the train is my absolute favorite. 

ON ANOTHER NOTE . . . I want to personally thank Lady Gaga for getting us all in the "Easter" mood.  I cannot wait to do all things "Webb-related" for Easter this year.  I have to hand it to GaGa Girl, even I would not have thought of the egg thing.  Of course, had I thought of it, the egg would have been decorated in vibrant Easter colors and I would have been dressed like a feather donned yellow chick - please no big bird comments.  I would make sure there were NO similarities.  Naturally, I would have required a few more bodies to carry me in the building and on to the stage in light of my "Bitsy-like" figure, but I pay well (I mean if you take Reeces Cups in lieu of money).

Happy Saturday Ya'll.  Enjoy this day the good Lord has made.

I see the world and the world sees me.

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