Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seinfeld's Uncle Leo - Dead at 88

Some mornings are tougher than others.  We all tend to dwell on the challenges that stare us in the face and wallow in them, all the while knowing other people have their own challenges to "wallow" in.  The last week has held good news for our family and not so good news for our family!  Webb's, Uncle Cayce, graduates from St. Stanislaus this May and has signed his papers to be a "Wildcat"......big news in our family.  Congratulations Uncle Cayce Seal!  Do us Proud.

"Uncle" Cayce Thomas Seal

Challenges come in many forms and some take years to understand.  Webb's cousin, David "Miller", was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, after a period of testing, and that news has quite certainly pulled at the heart strings and debilitated everyone in the family.  But, as challenges come and go, I have to say that Uncle Tyler & Aunt Lindsey, along with lots of supportive family in the wings are to be admired for stepping to the plate, holding each other tightly, assessing the situation based on a team of doctor's input and making a long term commitment to give Miller all the tools he needs to kick this setback.  If anyone can do it, this family can.  Bitsy's little Webbman is looking forward to being there for Miller to help in any way he can.........I know for one thing he's looking forward to lots of cheesburgers.  So today, I ask for God to Bless Miller David and all the family as they embark on a mission of love which I know will be successful.  As for Bitsy, I'm learning alot about Cystic Fibrosis and have signed up for the Great Strides for CF Walk.  If any of you would like to donate, here's my fundraising page:  OR there's a button on my sidebar that will bring you right to where you need to be.  DONATE AWAY.  I also ask for your continued prayers for Miller, Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Tyler, along with the rest of those who love him.

Webbman and his Cousin, Miller

Yesterday, Webbman went with the little momma to look at some more houses!  House hunting with Mom was alot of fun from what I hear, but the best part for Webb was when his Aunt Miche stopped and picked him up to get some Webbtime for herself!  Webb loves his Aunt Miche!!

Webb and Aunt Miche

I would be remiss to ignore the fact that "Uncle Leo" of Seinfeld fame passed away today.  Don't we all have an "Uncle Leo" of some sort.  I know, for me, I had lots of them~I was blessed that my Dad had 10 brothers and sisters!    As for Webbman, I don't believe he will have an Uncle Leo BUT he DOES have a  "BITSY" who will do her best to keep things interesting.....Ya'll all have a good day!

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