Monday, February 28, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End, A Bucket Full of Crazy and How Long Can a Baby Go without Air?

After nine days, yes, nine glorious days in Webbland, Bitsy has a husband, a home and 2 dogs waiting for her to show back up (like a bad penny) at some point, so I'll be boarding the train in the morning making my way back to Atlanta.  I am one blessed person . . . . . . YES because of the Webbman, the Lil Momma and Precious who house me, feed me and just generally "put up with C'Mo from the Block" for days upon end anytime I ask just so I can see the amazing young fella called Webb. BUT, also because I have the most unique, loving, self assured, kind man assuming the role of "husband" in my life.  Many many times, I have questioned just what I did to be so blessed to have him as a friend and life partner.  He just accepts all the household responsibilities and the care and feeding of our "canine sons" on these jaunts to visit Webbworld with no complaining and "gets it" that I am obsessed with the Webbman.  I should add that "he gets it" because he has two of the most beautiful "grandaughters" that live to walk upon this earth!  They are amazing, so he has a very similar adoration of them that I have of Webaroo!

Today, we again had to postpone our Dr. Seuss pictures, but the amazing your woman who works with Webb has had some extremely hard family events transpire in the last week.  Pictures will be done in the next few weeks, and I will pray for she and her family.  Life is sad sometimes, but with faith, we endure.

Today, the Lil Moma, Webbman and Bitsy spent the afternoon with Pattio, Aunt Can and Ms. Lottie.  Ms. Lottie is Aunt Can's Mom and she is one cool older lady.  Pretty amazing for her age and Webb told me he thought she "rocked"  He's still mumbling Patty Cake Patty roll em.....well, you know the story.

Came home hoping that the DVR recorded GMA and the Today Show.  Well I guess God had another plan and pardon my language, but "technical snafu" my "ass"!  What it was was an inanimate object (said DVR) being afraid of Charlie Sheen.  He is truly one hugely entertaining bucket full of crazy!

Well, tonight's blog isn't too informative, but I'm tired and I feel a depression coming on . . . . . . . . Do you think the kids will notice if I smuggle Webb back to Atlanta in my suitcase?

Bitsy . . . You are so crazy.  I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you can't dance!

Maybe if I lay here with no expression and "act" like she is doing OK, Bitsy will finish the stupid song.

Oh My Lady GaGa . . . . Bitsy!  I cannot watch Courtney and Chloe another time.

Hmmmmmm, I've seen that tassle before on either Kim or Chloe Cordashian?

OK, I'm gonna act like Bitsy DID NOT just put my lovey on my head. 

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