Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's "Pattio's" Birthday and they're rioting in Libya (Look out Colonel Gaddafi)

What a day to celebrate life.   Happy Birthday to my brother, Samuel Patrick Murphy, Jr., known to Webb Thomas Meisenheimer as "Pattio",  born on this very day 62 years ago.  I can't think of anyone who could set a better example of perseverence, commitment to family and faith than my brother, Pat. Speaking of Pattio, here is an adorable photo of Webb's "Pattio and Aunt Can"!

Webbman's Pattio and Aunt Can
 At first I was going to say, "My BROTHER is getting old", pretty hard to believe . . . but I'm holding off on that particular comment since this Bitsy is now 54.  If you think about it ..... 54 is a perfect age for a Bitsy.  See, Here is a picture from Webster's dictionsary that I discovered when I looked up the word "Bitsy", ( )
The Lil Momma and Bitsy
Webb's Easter outfit came in yesterday.  I haven't seen it "live and in person".  We had it shipped directly to Webb so HE could admire longingly until he gets to wear it.  It is "to-die" for.  I think guys need "to-die'' for stuff too....don't you? You know, his Mom and Dad worry about him being not so thoroughly masculine in years to come because I have a tendency to enjoy looking at the little man "all dressed up"~in outfits~like the manly man baby doll that he is.  I think the stone that tipped the scale was the Mr. Bingle outfit at Christmas, but it kind of all started with the sock monkey coccoon and hat and that beautiful baby blue hat and coccoon.  They were both "pure essentials" in every baby's life, irregardless of the male contingent's opinion.  Personally, I think we could put him in a dress and he would still be the definition of manishness, but his PawPaw, Easy and his Dad think other wise.  I mean, his rough tough, Uncle Cayce use to sleep in the Lil Momma's nightgowns when he was little and he is perfect.  Here are the two extremes Webbman now has to deal with. 



"Precious Adorable Mr. Bingle Webbman
Which one do you think is cuter..............Really, folks, this is not "rocket science"  You tell me.


  1. I happen to think both are beautiful but am VERY partial to Mr Bingle because of Mr Bingle's family history with my family. Ask if you don't know but good thing Webb is a MAN. Otherwise, Lord help the hand sewn lace and tucks women in foreign countries that get 2 cents per outfit. They would be rich but their fingers would never be the same... Webb's Peppy I also can't wait for Webbman to come riding with us and learning ALL the Mardi Gras songs. We sing them all year long, we don't care if it's time or not just as long as we are all singing. We also have no preference--Mardi Gras, 4th of July, Christmas, show tunes, They All Axrd For You, whatever we feel like singing. You must have a special invitation in order to sing with us. Yes, we are crazy, too, but we know it and we don't care. Peppy

  2. Sorry, I forgot Jimmy Buffett's Songs You Know By Heart. And yes, we do get all the words correct. Miller, we have room for you also but Mom's have to send milk. We can supply treats.....Peppy

  3. Peppy.....................YOU WILL BE BLOGGED about...........Stay tuned!