Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Talk, Gnats and Adorable Parents!

Why is it that we find ourselves in a state of sheer and total "mush" when it comes to babies, most specifically "our" grandbabies?  I've fallen prey to it just as many of you have.  We hit the room, see our children's children and melt with reckless abandon.  Our hearts and minds quite simply go to that reality zone in which we know for a FACT  that "My grandchild is without a doubt the most beautiful, intelligent, breathtaking child on this planet . . ."  I cannot even imagine having MORE than one.  I would have to start rationalizing a "superior" race and  I'm pretty certain that's morally wrong.  I know I find myself thinking there can be no more precious child than Webb, except to give credit where credit is due~the "Christ" child~So for now, I'm good with just Webb.

I find myself wanting so much for the grandchild~world peace, a solution to world hunger and for people to be kinder, more tolerant souls.   Thinking about the Christ Child makes me wonder why the good Lord created gnats.  Seriously, I cannot think of any legitimate purpose that they serve.  They have no redeeming qualities.  All they do is aggravate the living heck out of human beings.  It was not until I moved away from South Mississippi that I realized the entire world does not have to endure them.  They seem to have found their niche in Waveland.  Getting back to wanting better lives for our grandchildren, I would wish Webbman never had to put up with gnats.

I had the pleasure of watching the Princess and the Frog today with our little "Prince", while the Little Moma and Drew went and got their hair done.  When they got home, Webb looked at me and I saw it in his face.  It was written all over him, like a big neon sign . . . .  He was thinking "Bitsy, My parents are just slap plum adorable".  All I can say is, I don't think they got "enough" hair cut because they were not gone nearly long enough.  Webb and I had lots more to do, but there will be another day and another haircut !

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