Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The 6 Month Shots, Sippee Cups, "Bling" Band aids and Sweet Mother of Pearl-It's the "SHOT NAZI".

Bling band aids . . . . . I wonder what the FREE PRIZE inside is?

 Well yesterday the Lil Momma dressed the lil man up, strapped him in and headed on out.  It's kind of sad to me because as a grandmom, I would really rather every outing be something to look forward to, a special event, something fun.  I'd rather not think about the lil man wondering if the minute he's strapped in the car he's going for some more of those dreaded SHOTS.  Wouldn't it be nice if we never ever had to introduce the lil ones to any type of pain?  The Lil Momma told me today that for the very first time, she noticed the Webbman's direct association with the Nurse and the "Impending Pain" fast approaching.  She said the terrorized cries began the minute she "handed him off" to Nurse Ratchet.  The cry that only a Momma can hear the "NO, no pllllllllllease don't make me go with this woman and have her stick a cold thin piece of metal in my upper thigh.  Pllllllease DO NOT LET HER DO IT!"  Whether it's the smell, the touch, or being weighed in that kicks off the emotional protest, we all know it's coming.  I have to say the Lil Momma has made a point of not holding the lil guy during any part of the shot experience, which is a good thing.  He can loathe and detest the nurse but still find solace and comfort in his Momma's arms.  Smart cookie that lil Momma!

Our lil sweet pea weighed in at a little over 18 lbs and got the "green light" to have some juice.  The good doctor also gave him a permission slip to kick off his love affair with "the sippee cup".  At least the lil man got something "sweet" to soothe him after suffering the indignencies of the Shot Nazi!  The Lil Momma said he adored the juice and mastered the sip pee cup with ease.  I mean, I KNEW he would.  I KNEW this would be easy peasy for our little Einstein.  A fella can't watch months worth of Baby Einstein DVDs and not have an IQ of 9,048.  I mean it's quite likely a situation where his IQ can't be monitored and is "off the charts or chain or whatever it's off of".  Irregardless, our Webbman is one amazing lil guy.  Seriously, who can wear band aids like that?  Such a fashion sense.  He's going to be like his Momma.  She can drape a dish rag around her and still look good.   I remember her band aids made their own fashion statements too. 

Check out the band aids and the sippee cup.
The Webbman is in full control!
Bitsy has been doing some research on band aids.  It's critical that the Webbman has any kind he may need when it comes time for "Bitsy" to doctor.  I want to ensure that using band aids is "fun" at "Bitsy's" house - no "Nurse Ratchet" for my lil man.  Doctoring a boo boo at Bitsy's is going to be a big deal.  So many many kinds to choose from~I think I may need to start purchasing a box every week for the next few years to make sure I'm prepared.  Sooooo many choices . . . . . .


I can live with the Jesus band aids, maybe they'll heal quicker,
but what kind of TOY do you think they give in a box of JESUS band aids?

I think my Hubby is going to want these.
  He can't be around bacon without tasting it!

I adore these and the name . . . . "Boo Boo Care"
I may sneak the catepillar out and keep it for Webb's scrapbook.

A boo boo that looks so good it can't hurt!

Gotta love this concept . . . . "The Keep Calm & Carry On Band Aid"
Monkey Business :)

“I gotta pickle…I gotta pickle…I gotta pickle hey hey hey hey…��?
“I’ll give you a nickel for a pickle…��?
“How about 2 cents?��?

These are all just for "Bitsy and the "Lil Momma"
  What could be better than "Bling band aids"?

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