Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Anguish & Disappointment of Failing a Grandchild.

 Cinco de Mayo, Everybody Wears a Hat, Right?
Today was going along just fine.  Beautiful day in Atlanta. . . . . . sun shining, sky was blue all day long, hubby was golfing, Baxter only had an accident in the house once today . . . . . one may ask what more I could want from life.  What kind of dilemma could have befallen "Bitsy" in the midst of the many blessings the good Lord has bestowed upon me today?  Truly, I have been busier a salmon swimming upstream with the new business venture.  Who could have known that so many people would want their children to be contacted by Fairies of all shapes, sizes, affiliations and representations?  Who would have known we needed any kind of Fairy in our lives except the Tooth Fairy?  Well, I've known.  The Lil Momma has known, but it wasn't until several weeks ago that this "Bitsy" realized that all these Fairies needed their own personal letterhead.  They needed to be writing letters to children.  They all needed their own professional designations?  It wasn't until Webb started approaching his half year mark and I realizied we needed to be planning a Birthday Party did it occur to me that we HAD to have a BIRTHDAY Fairy.  The world cannot continue to spin without a SWIMMING LESSON Fairy.  Every child needs to hear personally from the TBall Fairy, the Soccer Fairy and oh my gosh, our children cannot live another sick day without "Gertie", the Get Well Fairy.  It was all so clear and thanks to theWebbman, this "Bitsy" has taken it upon herself to start letting these guys participate in all of life's little moments.  Not only will they participate, they will make these moments pretty darn magical.  Our Fairie Crew is planning on being a part of darn near every occasion that presents itself.  We even have an "I Love You to the Moon" Fairie, just because we can and because we do . . . . . love our lil chillins to the Moon and as that wonderful author said "and back" . . . . . "to the Moon and back".

See . . . . . . EVERY Fairy NEEDS a LOGO and a LETTERHEAD?  Don't you agree?

Fitting for a Dance Fairy, Don't you think?

Ya'll still don't know what is so utterly terrible.  Today, for the first time since last year, I heard a familiar sound in our neighborhood.  Those nursery rhymes that sound like they're playing on an old phonograph that needs to be wound up again~that's what I heard.  You know they sound like they are playing in slow motion or that maybe there's an Alfred Hitchcock movie playing on the t.v. in another room.  It was the Ice Cream truck.  Well, it USED to be my favorite sound until last Summer.  Yeh, last Summer, the beginning of an emotional trauma of epic proportions. You see, there was a little mishap as one of the neighborhood "angels" pushed me out of the way to get his taste treat.  Uh huh, all I was doing was standing there with my dollar.  Yes, two scuffed up knees and pure humiliation later, I still didn't get my damn ice cream that day but TODAY, I did, so I think that emotional trauma is on the mend.  Anyhow, this was another good thing about today.  No pushing, no shoving, a Nutty Buddy Bar and you would think Bitsy would be floating on air.  Well, she's not.

I'll tell ya'll and it won't sound like much to you, but it is CERTAINLY is to me.  A little while ago, I got the cutest text from the Lil Momma with an adorable picture of our lil guy captioned simply "Happy Cinco de Mayo".  It  hit me, right then.  I've been so wrapped up in Fairyland that I let my lil man down.  It's his very first Cinco de Mayo and what was I thinking about?  What was I doing?  Well, I know what I wasn't doing that I should have been and that was standing in line at the post office waiting to mail Webb his package.  "What package" you may be thinking?  Well, all I can say is what self respecting grandmother, a/k/a/ "Bitsy" would allow her grandson to experience his first Cinco de Mayo  "sombrero-less"?  I'm a failure.  Wait til next year . . . . . Just Ya'll WAIT.

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