Monday, May 16, 2011

Bitsy's Been Busy, GRADUATION BLUES, & American Idol's "Scotty" Copied my Nephew "Cayce's" adorable face!

Oh my holy gosh.  I looked up this morning and said "THE BLOG".  What about the blog? Well, I'm quite certain for many of you, this will be very hard to understand, but do me a favor . . . . . "Just Try."  I began this labor of love for the Webbman.  It began as a daily wrap up of thoughts and milling's over of things that go on in Bitsy's head.  While that has potential to be "nightmare" territory, it was my opinion that my little guy would one day look back at my musings, whether he be 18 or 58, and say "Gosh, I didn't know that about Bitsy, or ask the Lil Momma "Mom, Did you know this about Bitsy"?  Bitsy's Bits was and is my way of coping with long distance grandma'ing and leaving something for the Webbman to consider once I am gone.  This business venture of mine has kept me hopping.  I looked up this morning and realized "I've been too busy to blog."  This particular thing made me sad, so I'm stopping from all my "Bippity Boppity Boo Boutique Mail" activities and doing some blogging, just for my lil man!

Today, it's not a particularly easy feat to get my "entry" done.  The stupid space bar on my laptop seems to be sticking.  I have never stopped long enough to think about what a bummer that little sequence in events can be.  It slows a person down, cramps their style, not to mention their fingers.  My thumbs are definitely getting every last little bit of aggression pounded out of them as I blog.  I'm gonna work on the space bar another time, and for now, I'm going to keep on "pounding".  OK, let's get rolling with Bitsy's thoughts for today.

I've been thinking alot about graduation.  This time of year is filled with beaming graduates, so full of life, so full of optimism and potential and . . . . . . . "parties" and "good bye Mom and Dad's" and "I promise I'll call" and "Don't Worry, I'm going to be Fine" activities that I almost, and "mind you", I said "almost" don't miss it.  My youngest nephew, Cayce, is graduating Memorial Day weekend and when I received his invitation, my heart skipped a beat.  This Bitsy adores her some "Cayce Thomas".  I had flashbacks to the days of picking him up from school, keeping him til his mom got home and loving every minute of Cayceworld, even when he would pee on the wall and laugh about it!  Those were good times and I am extremely proud of the young man Cayce has grown up to be.  As a sidenote, I have to tell you that that kid "Scotty" on American Idol is a dead ringer for my nephew Cayce.  I guess the kid saw Cayce's potential and decided to work off of it!  Anyhow, I know our Cayce Thomas will do well in life and I know he has a full life to look forward to.  What I also know are the things this "Bitsy" won't miss when it comes to Senioritus and Graduation.

In honor of the 2011 Graduating Class of every high school in the world, let me touch on a few reasons, this "Bitsy" will NOT miss having my own teen graduating from high school.

a.   Been there, done that, bought a whole pile of Tshirts.

b.   The expense - Senior pictures, graduation announcements, Senior rings, class yearbooks, the cap, the gown, the after graduation outfit, the after "after" graduation outfit . . . . the shoes, the "after shoes" shoes.

c.  Going back to Senior pictures.  With boys, it MAY not be as dramatic - or knowing some boys, perhaps it may, but anyhow with girls from start to finish Senior pictures are wrought with trauma, drama and more trauma.  There are "official School portraits" and then there are "external Senior portraits"  Let me note that the Lil Momma was tasteful and appropriately clad and covered in her informal Senior portraits unlike a few some other people's children :(  Funny, what Momma's don't forget, huh?

d. The never ending cost - yet again, but moving along to Part II of "the cost".  Graduation Gifts - Oh sweet mother of pearl. 

e. Bless me good holy Lord, but graduation and Senior year mean college plans, college application fees, food plans, sorority dues, FAFSAs, travel to and fro.  Got the picture.

g. Senior prom. Pre Prom parties, After Prom parties, the sleep overs (thankfully most of these were at our house, but worry ensues no matter where they are.  Enough said. If you've ever gone to one — or had a child go to one — you know what I mean.

h. Then there are the Graduation night parties. Fear and trembling on the part of parents with kids who think the flip of a tassel has made them an adult and they're ready to party like one. (Kids who don't realize that adults typically party hearty in a less hearty — and more safe — manner. Usually.)
Thankfully here again, we were usually the home that the party was at or we accompanied the kids to said parties.  Still a night frought with worry (if you are the sober one, which I generally was).

i. The summer before college. Again, fear and trembling on the part of parents with kids who think they're adults ... except when it comes to picking up their room, saving money, packing all the right stuff for college, and being considerate of parents who still expect them to come home before the crack of dawn (or at least call if they're not).

j. The next chapter: The empty nest. It's a tough one to get used to. Been there, done that, too. Can't say that this Bitsy has ever gotten used to that.  And am so glad I don't ever have to go through the transition again.

k.  Missing your children's friends - your adopted children by default.  I worked very hard at staying involved in the Lil Momma's friends lives throughout college and on through their early marriages even to the point of hosting baby showers for them.  Sometimes, a Momma just CAN'T LET GO. 

All kidding aside, to those who do have lovelies marking the end of their high-school careers this graduation season, I sincerely say Congratulations! (And good luck!)

Aunt Carleen Loves You Cayce Thomas. 
 Now, go get the world and when you're famous, don't forget to write!

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go." - Dr. Seuss

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