Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day for all those who would rather it be Christmas, Living in a COMPOUND, & Subliminal Messaging.

Let's skip Mother's Day and Move on.

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends, family and those of you reading this in Germany, Switzerland, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom.  I don't know anyone in the later places but I see you're reading, so if you're a Mother, and even if you're not, I wish for you the Mother's Day I've always imagined.  Several months ago, when I noticed there were readers in Afghanistan, I JUST KNEW for CERTAIN, that it was Osama and his family scouring my blog for interesting ways to pass the day in the cave.  Since last week, I KNOW that Osama wasn't IN Afghanistan, and I don't have any readers in Pakistan that I know of.  Now, I see my folly and still have to wonder who's reading "Bitsy's Bits" up in those mountains, valleys and plains.  Just wondering?

Anyhow, tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Big Yip.  I've never liked the holiday.  I can't quite pinpoint whether it's because my Mom passed away before I ever really DID a Mother's Day "right" for her.  Sure there were cards and hugs and the occasional azalea clump out of the yard, but was there ever a DAY, a full DAY when I stopped my own activities and devoted the DAY to WHATEVER Carol Theresa wanted to do?  I guess when you're a Senior in High School, you don't think much about sitting with your Mom and actually holding a conversation about politics or her hair color or maybe the night you were born?  There sure are alot of things I would do differently if I had the opportunity, and Mother's Day is one of them.  I'll admit to the same thing about my Grandmother's.  Both, amazingly wonderful women, who I adored but in "hind sight", I don't remember celebrating their "Mother" roles quite as flamboyantly as I should have.  There were no crowns, no pageant sashes, no flags flying from their houses declaring my undying love.  Did, they know I loved them.  Yeah, I THINK so.  I know I told them, but when it comes to showing them on Mother's Day, I think I fell way below the "limbo" bar.   I reckon I would take the crown for "How Low Can You Go" on Mother's Day.  I, sadly, didn't set the bar very high.    Now, don't let my disdain for the Holiday bring you down, I believe it's all about your own personal experience with the holiday.  If you sat around and had an opportunity to sing "kum ba yah" with family for most of the Mother's Day experiences, I can understand your affection for it! 

Funny thing is, I guess you learn from loss, or I'd like to believe I DID.  All Mother's Day does for me is make me WISH I had little ones around, wish my refrigerator was full of construction paper hearts, wish even more that I lived less than the 483 miles away from the Lil Momma and Webbman.  It helps to know that they're not home any how this weekend, and it helps to know they are participating in a good cause instead of asking ME about my hair color or ME about politics (Well we couldn't talk about that anyhow because I'd be aggravated that they're Republicans, but I haven't lost my eternal hope that maybe, just maybe, the Webbman can be swayed to being more like Bitsy.)   If I have to pick a holiday, I'll choose Christmas.  It's one Holiday I know for certain that I'll get to see the kids.  Here we go, fact is . . . . . . I need to let go.  I need to realize that Mother's Day is just a day . . . . . . . but IF this BITSY could make a would be a DAY with the Webbman and the lil Momma.  Fact is, whoever designed this dumb holiday set it up to fail.  How can new Momma's get a DAY that is just for them IF they have to be worrying about their Momma's, their Mother-in-Laws, their Grandmom's and such?  I think all these holidays work great if all the extenuating circumstances are "perfect", which in REAL life, NEVER quite shake out that way.  The ever popular "nuclear family" concept.  It worked.  The grandparents lived with the parents, helped with the kids, helped with the house, just helped.  If there were no divorces, if everyone lived in the same house or a compound~YEP, A COMPOUND THAT is the answer.  I'm not kidding and I know where one is for sale.  I'm just not SURE I can sell the Lil Momma and Precious on the benefits of moving to Pakistan.  Anyhow, it's a beautiful weekend and I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day.  In the meantime, I'm trying to see which Real Estate Agent has "the COMPOUND" listed and then I'm going to be working on some type of subliminal messaging system. 

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