Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just "WHAT" was "IT" about "SAMSON DCAT" . . ?

Samson and his good friend Deuce.
Deuce will grieve too.
This "Bitsy" has found herself in a precarious position today, but with that duly noted, "What's New"?  Today, I find myself needing to pay my respects to someone I never had the pleasure to meet.  Today, I find myself grieving and genuinely "sad" for the deep loss of another.  

Before I go on, I'll let you in on a very important piece of this puzzle.  The "dearly departed" was a most revered family member and as a side story, a feline family member . . . . a cat.  Not just ANY cat, but Samson DCat of Facebook Fame, 137 fans strong.  Samson lived a life that any lesser being could only aspire to, that any normal human being would be envious of.  He travelled, attended sporting events, went clubbing and was pampered in ways only royalty could know.  Samson was in fact, a "prince" among "cats". 

Seriously, I have found my heart heavy since hearing this news.  Samson's Momma loved Samson with all the devotion and loyalty that comes with the relationship between any Momma and child, because for all practical purposes that's what their relationship seemed to be.  It was caring.  It was loving.  It was nurturing.  Samson brought joy and comfort to her life and joy to her heart and he will be sorely missed.

What is it about cats and dogs that capture our being and pull on our heart strings?  What is it that makes us pour out our series of days events talking to them with wild abandon?  I believe it's that they have all the traits that we, as adult humans seek.  They listen, they gaze, they look at their owners longingly.  They purr, they sigh, and most importantly, they give us NO GRIEF.  They are, for all practical purposes, the captive audience that we all seek.  They are, the loving friend that expects nothing, the friend that demands nothing (but food) and yet provides us the greatest of satisfactions.  After a long aggravating day, what is more relaxing than a glass of wine and a heart to heart with your pet?  Well, lets factor out the hug of a child, and once we do that, the pet scenario . . . . well it is quite literally "the sh*&", which I am told is today's version of "the bomb"-which I am also told "nobody says anymore" :(

I have thought alot today about just how a person, such as myself, could come to grieve for an animal that I had never met.  I've asked myself a number of times, just how I knew so much about Samson and why I felt such a connection to him.  Well, it finally dawned on me that I felt this way because Samson's Momma loved him enough to write about him, to talk about him, to project herself and her life through Samson.  This Bitsy understands the physical word, the written thoughts and musings about another.  Afterall, it's what I do about the Webbman.  It is one of the greatest expressions of love and admiration.

Through the writing and imagination of his Momma, Samson ran with the bulls.  Samson was buddies with Deuce McCallister.  Samson participated in the Sand Sculpture Competition and while few people know it, Samson was the sole reason that LSU won the 2007 Championship Game!  I could go on and on and the reason I can, is because Samson was so loved by his Momma, that she shared.  She shared her love of adventure and her amazing sense of humor through Samson and his life with her.  Samson was just "special" that way, and his Momma let the world know just how "special" he was.  What Samson's Momma did was compile a "history"of sorts of her relationship with Samson, his "projected" adventures and through all of this, it became obvious to me that Samson was a "special" cat.  Samson was a special friend.  A cat, that through his expressions, the look in his eyes and through the way he moved, portrayed a certain "devil may care" stance on life.  Because Samson couldn't speak, his Momma spoke for him.  You see, it was through his Momma's "musings" that I came to know about Samson, and what an amazing cat he must have been.  May he live on in the hearts of those who loved him and who love his Momma.  This is my "tribute" to Samson and to his Momma.  He will live on in infamy thanks to the loving thoughts of his Momma. 

Here's to a life well lived-Samson.  You will be missed, and to your Momma, the Turcotte's of Atlanta, have you close in our heart and in our prayers. 

A few memories of Samson borrowed from his Momma's facebook page.  Oh Samson, you were quite the "cool cat", in fact I believe you were quite possibly the "coolest" of cats.

You will live on "Samson" in the hearts and memories of friends and family.

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