Friday, May 20, 2011

"You Didn't Tell Me That", "Yes, I Did", Long Sigh.

I'm going to throw this out there and hope to God some other "Momma", "Grandmomma", "Mother n Law" and/or "Wife" experiences something remotely like the series of events I'm going to describe.  Although with that said, I wouldn't wish this frustration on anyone, or anyone I "LIKE" anyhow.  Bear in mind that this is a generic conversation, although some portion of it is pretty interchangeable with any number of members of my family.

Bitsy:              "Oh, I didn't know that."
Other Person:  "Yeah, you did.  I told you."
Bitsy:              "No you didn't"
Other Person:  "Yes, I did" and then I hear a slight chuckle.
Bitsy:               "When, What were we talking about?"
Other Person:   "The Other Day, or maybe the Other Night?"
Bitsy:                "Well, I don't have any recollection of you telling me that, and I think I'd remember."
Other Person:    Slight chuckle and then "Well, I did."
Bitsy:                 Long Aggravated Sigh.

The slight chuckle is what sets me off.  It's that chuckle that comes across like "God, it must be awful to be old and getting senile, so I'll just blow off the remainder of the conversation and she won't even notice, I'm chuckling and I think she has memory loss problems."  Let me add this tidbit.  I have been known to be told things after 9:30 at night that I oftentimes have no recollection of being told.  This is a direct result of the Ambien or Lunesta that I take and I have told everyone I know. . . . . . . "Don't get on the phone with Bitsy after 9:30 at night and expect her to remember much of the conversation."  "Moreover, if you KNOW, it's that time of night and I've taken my Ambien or my Lunesta, WHY the heck would you tell me anything important anyhow"?  Do us both a favor and tell Bitsy during the day when she has full use of her faculties.   All snickers and chuckles aside, the INABILITY to sleep is an awful thing and I have found it gets worse with age, so I make no excuses for the use of Ambien or whatever medication of choice my "Well Paid, Highly Experienced, Highly Educated Emery Medical Center Physician" finds appropriate to recommend.  I just say God Bless HIM!  By the way, the many conversations in my life which take place as described above triggered me to discuss it with aforesaid "Well Paid, Highly Experienced, Highly Educated Emery Medical Center Physician", who subsequently sent me for some "Highly Coveted, Most Expensive, Well Tested MRIs/Brain Scans and Blood Work", only to discover that Bitsy was not senile or at a loss for any of her senses, except "the patience to deal with people who insist I forget!".

It truly does get on my last nerve when certain people in my life use this "inability to remember" as an excuse for not remembering "themselves" to "remember" to tell me.  Yes, it quite certainly does.  Why is that?  Well, I guess it's because I have gotten to the ripe old age that I know I'm scattered, I know I get distracted, but I also KNOW that when it comes to the few important things I do need to remember, this Bitsy isn't going to forget because for anyone who knows me well, they also KNOW I have THE LIST.  If YOU remember to tell me, I'm going to "remember" to put it on the LIST - unless of course YOU "forget" to "remember" to tell me before 9:30 at night and you "remember" to tell me in a conversation which may quite possibly be Ambien ladled and at which time, I have no access to "THE LIST". 

This is it for today, and even though the World is Supposedly Coming to an End for some of You tomorrow, I'll be on a train to see the Webbman . . . . . . . . Oh that is "IF I REMEMBER" that I'm supposed to get on it!

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