Monday, May 23, 2011

What Kind of Mother n Law Would I Be to Two Son N Laws & Have I Told You About My Grandbaby?

Pauly Shore would most certainly be the SECOND Son N Law
Since "Precious" is Decidedly "PERFECT" in every Way.

As I blog on this beautiful South Mississippi afternoon, I feel like I have to disclose that I am in "Bitsy" "Heaven".  Things always seem to be less intense, alot more light hearted, and alot sunnier when I'm visiting with the Lil Momma, Precious and the Webbman.  I guess it's God's way of "re-energizing" me and getting me back on track when I fall into the "long distance grandmadulldrums".  Anyhow, as I am here staying with the kids, I can't help but think to myself what amazing "kids" they are.  I could go on for days about the Lil Momma, but the thing that has always struck me the most and that I have found most admirable about her is her composure and her calm rational way of dealing with life's everyday events.  While alot of young adults would wring their hands, mope, whine and complain about the circumstances that fall in their path, I find that she is most assuredly a "problem solver".  She is a "nurturer", now don't get me wrong . . . . . like every only child, that bottom lip will protrude in a New York Minute (whatever that is, because as far as I know, it's still only 60 seconds of elapsed time).  She can "close up and shutdown with the best of them", but I have to say, she is ALWAYS the one to make peace.  When someone else storms out and leaves angry, she reaches out and makes peace.  What an amazing trait for one so young.  I suppose it comes from having two squabling parents as a teen.  As a Mother, She is much more relaxed in her role than I could have ever dreamed of being.  She is much more "in tune" to the world around her than I ever was at the ripe old age of 26, and then there is . . . . . . "Precious".

The Son n Law "process" was so totally painless with "Precious" that I questioned whether someone could be so perfect for my only child.  The clincher was the "smile" that radiated my daughter's face and the affection that permeated her voice.  He was most certainly "the one".  He was kind, respectful, loving and Christian.  He was focussed, motivated and ambitious, despite the fact that his Grandpa insisted it took his "favorite first born grandson" eight (8) years to graduate from college.  This was not the fact, but I'm quite certain that it seemed that way to the parents who paid for said education.  I looked as hard as I could for things to object to.  I looked for red flags raised at least to half mast.  He was a Fraternity boy.  He was a veritable "Sports" Fanatic in every way, shape and form.  He liked to party, and yes, on occasion, I believe he had been known to climb out on the "occasional" roof after a few drinks.  All these things just served to make him that much more endearing and human.  On top of all these things, we liked his parents.  Heck, HE liked his parents.  That spoke volumes.  After 3 1/2 years of marriage, he has never been disrespectful, apologized willingly, even when not necessary.  As I mentioned, I have found myself wondering on a number of occasions just how I would "Mother n Law" more than one "Son n Law".  How would I be impartial and unbiased and non-judgmental?  How would I react to the differing personalities and yes, quite frankly, a whole nother family to learn to love and interact with?  I would like to believe that I would do it "flawlessly", but "Precious" has been so seamless and has proved such an easy young man to love, that I believe a second Son N Law would have a "hard act to follow".  As a side-bar, WHY I am the least bit concerned about this particular thing is TRULY beyond me since, A)  the Lil Momma is an only child, B)  this Bitsy is too OLD and thoroughly removed any ability or inclination to to have a second child, and C)  there is not a snow balls chance in hell of an immaculate conception or an adoption in my "near" or "distant" future.

Well, I'm signing off from Webbland on this glorious Monday night.  Have I told you I'm spending the week with my grandbaby?  Have I told you that he's perfect?  Have I told you he has the most amazing blue eyes this "Bitsy" has ever seen?  Perhaps I have, but one can never brag on a grandchild too many times.

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