Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Day After the Day After Tomorrow, Doomsday and Why Would You Name Your Child "Estravaganza"?

What is it about the human race that "sometimes" makes us so focused on "death"?  According to Harold Camping and the rest of his 12 some odd followers, a huge devastating earthquake is going to hit our earth on Saturday, May 21, 2011.   Yes, that would be NOT today, NOT tomorrow, but the NEXT day.  This man obviously DOES NOT KNOW that Saturday, May 21, 2011, is the day that I am going to see the "Webbman".   This man must have his series of "heavenly" happenings screwed up. It's not like we don't have enough tragedy between Gaddafi's, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and "whateveristan".  The theory is not a bad one for those who are going to be "saved", those that will ultimately be beamed up to heaven in an immediate state of significant "euphoria".  For everyone else, who, as Mr. Camping would have it, are supposedly left to roam the earth for another 5 months until 10/21/2011.  I'm going to be one angry woman if I had to wait 54 LONG years to become a "Bitsy" only to have this bunch of loons try to tell me that I won't get to see the Webbman on Saturday, that I won't get to see him make it to the 7 month mark NOR will I get to WATCH the Preakness.  Worse yet, they're indicating that the Webbman was put on this earth and will be departing us long before the world has an opportunity to see his potential or, for that matter, that HE has the opportunity to see the WORLD's potential.  It's a ludicrous thought.  I'm going out kicking and screaming, not to mention the fact that if everybody croaks except the "blessed few", I'm NOT going to get my social security that I paid in.  I mean think about it?  Where the heck is my social security going to go?  Social Security Heaven?  Do they have that? I'm really MORE than a little annoyed with this whole "Rapture/Last Judgment/Doomsday" thing that Mr. Camping and Crew have going on.   I'm not going to get into quoting scripture, but obviously these people have convenient "Bible" reading skills and only absorb what they want to.  Maybe they'll be standing on the fault line.  Just maybe, right slap in the middle of it.

On another note,  I was reading an article today and it was about a 16 year old child who was petitioning the State to have her name legally changed.  It caught my eye and the more I read, the more horrified I became.  What could be so bad about her name?  Your name gives you character, it strengthens you.  I mean I lived an entire 54 years as "Carleen Odile".  Don't think I didn't ponder petitioning the court my own self, but it was a family name and as I got older, the more it meant to me that I had been named after my grandmother.  It gives me a feeling of "family" of "connectivity" of "grounding".  The story unfurled as the "child" petitioned the Court because her mother, "Nina" (notice it's short and sweet), wanted to surround her child with every blessing in the world,  so, she gave her seven names, including Astravaganza and Angeletta, that were Russian, Greek, and even made-up names for Hope, Stars, Butterfly, and more.  Poor "Astravaganza Angeletta was asking the Court to simply call her "Lola".  "Lola" which is decidedly NOT on the roster that her Mother chose.

This whole story peaked Bitsy's interest, only to find that "Wmffre" (pronounced OOM-fre, the German variation of Humphrey) was's 2009 Top Name for Boys!  What the hell?  Seems to me this would cause parents remorse in lieu of gratification?  Why not just name your child "Subdivision" or perhaps "Boulevard"?

What happened to us?  Former generations were content to name their children after relatives, or simply to pick a popular one they liked (Jennifers and Jasons know all about it), the current crop of parents is particularly invested in their children’s names being original, special, meaning-laden. And they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to secure such uniqueness.  Case in Point . . . . . "Astravaganza".  I will thank the good Lord every night for "Webb".  Just pure simple "WEBB" which is Webb's Honey's Maiden Name~just plain Webb.   Thankfully, our lil  man won't be petitioning any Court anytime soon - at least not because he's named "Astravaganza".  

I'm thinking about selling T-shirts?  Would anyone like one?  You know . . .  the Webbman . . . . . College Fund . . . . . . Disney?

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