Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bitsy's My Name and Intentional is my "Game", I'm a Grandboomer and No More Burps for Our Baby!

No More Burping for our lil grownified man, sniff sniff . . . .
I had a "teary" eyed moment earlier today.  It happened on the phone with the Lil Momma and somewhere in between the Stage 2 Baby Food upgrade and the fact that the Lil Momma doesn't have to "burp" our baby anymore.  For some reason, hearing the words aloud, just made me feel like I had missed some monumental event.  I had to reel myself in and realize that the Lil man couldn't have grown more than 2-3 feet since I saw him a painfully long nine (9) days ago.  Yes guys and gals, our Lil Webbman is eating squash, butternut squash at that, and of course, it's organic!

Webbman apparently loves his butternut squash and has "green beans" on the horizon!
 Ahhhhhhh  Webb.  I just love that word.  I just love the sound of it.  I can tell you with 100% honesty that in a million, gagillion years, Webb is not a name I would have dreamed about.  Now, it's pretty much all I dream about.  In case there are any questions, I have really taken this "grandparenting" role seriously.  I've even begun keeping a list (yes, I am concerned I may forget something) of the really cool things I've concocted for the Webbman and Bitsy to do when he gets old enough, new traditions I'd like to see take root, projects that I envision for us in the future, but for now, I can't do much but just be there with him, and even that is somewhat sketchy due to distance, but whatever.  You get my drift.   It's kind of a WATCH, WAIT and PLAY approach.

In the meantime, I've subscribed to every grandparenting magazine and periodical there is.  I've even found myself lurking in the "Grandparenting" Section at the Library.   There sure seems to be alot of talk and discussion about what "they" call "intentional" grandparenting.  It seems to be the "buzz" word when it comes to acceptable grandmothering.  Best I can tell, according to all the "experts", it is pretty "imperative" to be in touch with your inner self in order to do a good job with it.  That explains everything, doesn't it?

The more in-depth my pursuits have become in figuring out how to attain "professional certification" at being an "intentional Bitsy",  the more confused I find myself.  I'll admit that I've gone so far as to do more than "linger" in the Library.  I have checked out books, and let me tell you first hand, if you lurk around in the Grandparenting Section for any length of time, people start to look at ya kind of funny.   Anyhow, it appears from all my research, that we should all be "indulging" in this "intentional grandparenting" thing.  I found myself wondering just what the hell it meant to "indulge" in "intentional grand parenting"?  I then found myself relying on a most beloved friend, the Miriam Webster Dictionary, to confirm the definition of "intentional".  It hasn't changed.  It refers to something that is "done by intention or design: intended."  I can live with that definition but bear in mind,  I'd like to note that I had absolutely nothing to do with the decision for Bitsy to become a Bitsy~there was no "intention" on my part whatsoever about getting the position. A position, I'll add, I have found myself thrilled to accept, but with that said, "How Does A Girl Go About Being Intentional"?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Well, if any of you are up to reading, the best book I have found is authored by Peggy Edwards and Mary Jane Sterne, in a book called Intentional Grandparenting: A Contemporary Guide.  They call "intentional grandparenting "a process for planning ahead and taking deliberate action to be the kind of grandparent you want to be."   Hmmmm, seems I have plenty of time to "plan" and I can certainly be "deliberate", so I believe I am well on my way to being certified :)   I also learned that apparently, I am a "Grandboomer".  Yes, they made up this term to refer to the generation that Bitsy falls into.  Although I've never felt particularly "Grandboomerish", I certainly have been called worse and If the shoe fits, I should wear it.  Whatever "shoes" they are, I sure hope they are comfortable and flats.  I can't do heels anymore with an sense of dignity!
Getting back to being "intentional", it seems to me that this concept applies to everyone and everything we encounter.  Not to just being a "grandparent".  Maybe, just maybe, we should all strive to be "intentional" in all our relationships and endeavors. I don't know how good I've been up to this point at all of this, but it seems there are a number of tenets of the "intentional grandparenting role".  Most of them fall into the "common sense" thing, but I'm going to share.  It will save ya'll some time and effort when you get the opportunity to be a "Bitsy" or a "PawPaw", whatever the case.  Perhaps you already are a "Bitsy" or a "PawPaw".  In that case, you already have it figured out, or are really botching it up big time :)

According to, "intentional grandparenting" involves the following ...

1. Plan special times together. - (I'm planning)
2. Ask the parents to stay away! - (When I'm around, they run like crazy - errands mostly)
3. Take advantage of the resources around you. - (I'm resourceful)
4. The simplest pleasures are often the best. (I'm simple = minded, anyhow)
5. Make a plan, but be flexible. (I plan, I'm not as "flexible" as I once was-no more legs over the head) 
6. See things through the kids' eyes. (This is a challenge, but I'm going to work on it.)
7. Give them your undivided attention. (NO problem with this, I can even give "Intentional Attention")

Don't you agree, it's common sense? I'm working on all of them, but that #7, the "Give them your undivided attention",  I have that one perfected.  Webbman has it.  Heck, the Lil Momma has it! Maybe this is where the "long distance Bitsying" thing comes in handy!  I must profess, if I lived close by how would I get anything done? 

Rule #6 might give "Bitsy" a few problems - "Seeing things through Webb's eyes".  I know I'm going to have a tendency to want to show him everything through MY eyes, if for no other reason than MY eyes have been around a whole heck of a lot longer.  These eye have seen a lot more and have learned to filter out that which doesn't really amount to a hill of beans.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to really work on following the Webbman's "lead".  I'm going to have to work at seeing the world through those beautiful blue eyes of his.  I have a feeling that I may only see what "Bitsy" thinks matters but Webb is going to see what is "magical". Anyway, I plan to really work at "taking marvel at the magical" that our lil man sees from his eyes and yes, I "intend" to be what "they" call a "fully" "intentional grandparent".  Of course there's always the slightest of possibilities that things will just "fall where they may" and I'll make my own "Bitsy" playbook as I go.  After all, I'm not sure there's ever been a "Bitsy", or at least not "a Webb's Bitsy" anyhow


  1. Thanks girl, but I could have saved myself alot of time if I cold have just come and "observed" YOU! Love you, Happy Easter my friend!