Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lent is NOT Just for Belly Buttons, McKenzie & Ansley, & Freedom of Religion.

Happy Easter to ya'll.  This Bitsy could not have had a better Easter day!  We are headed to spend the afternoon with two of our grandbabies (my hubby's grand-daughters) and their lovely Momma.  I have to talk about them just for a few minutes.  McKenzie and Ansley are truly breathtakingly beautiful little pipsqueaks.  They are bright, well behaved and just alot of fun.  We are blessed to have them here in Atlanta with us and blessed that their Momma is so sharing of her time with their PawPaw and I.  Ask them "Who Loves Them?"  Their PawPaw has them TRAINED.  They say "PAW PAW does!"   Then he prompts them again.  "How Much?" he asks, and of course, they respond "Too Much".  It's a given, EVERY time.

McKenzie & Ansley being adorable.  It comes naturally!

This morning I was awaken by my sweet hubby with a heaping cup of coffee in bed.  I sat up, propped my pillows up and sipped away and read the morning headlines.   As I read, the more I thought about how blessed we are every day of our lives - for so many reasons - but today I'm talking about being blessed to be an American.  Being blessed to live in a Nation where we are free to believe in God and to practice our faith.  Heck we are so free, we can believe not to believe.  It's all just OK.   Never does the luxury of that ability to practice hit home more than on Easter Sunday.  The first thing I saw as I read was the headline plastered across the paper:  "Church: Police block Beijing Easter Service".  It truly hit me like a freight train that everyone in the world can't get up and enjoy an Easter Morning Service.  For that matter, they can't "openly" express any type of belief in a greater being, in God, Allah, whoever it is that you believe in.

It's Easter here in America and we ARE free to talk about our faith.  We are free to believe whatever we like as long as it doesn't harm anyone.  We can even "advertise" our beliefs.  We can advertise that we don't believe!  So on this Easter morning 2011, I'd like to share a few church signs with each of you.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did as I read them.

Bitsy was looking for a "pattern"  Something that I may be able to grab hold to and peg whether one group of Christians were more "clever and humorous" than another congregation.  Can't do it.  It appears to me that the Baptist, Lutherin, Presbyterians and non-denominational get the award for being most creative.  We "Catholics", WELL . . . . seems we need to get with the program!

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