Monday, April 25, 2011

Underwear Sales Are Rising, The Lipstick Indicator & How Short is That Skirt?

Today, ya'll are going to walk away from "Bitsy's Bits" with a whole new admiration of my analytical skills.  You will be amazed what Economics 101 and 102 my sophmore year did to enhance my college education. Webb's "Bitsy" did not walk out of those classes with A's for nothing!  I don't think it's a coincidence that the same week I decide to venture into a business of my own, I discover that stock shares of Hanesbrands, Warnaco, Limited and Maidenform are thriving, and that more than one (that would mean two) analysts see higher underwear sales as a sign the economy is recovering.  This makes perfect sense, after all ~ "Hanes Makes You Feel Good All Under", Right?  Apparently, the theory is that in times like these, folks won't go spend money on trendy fashion statement type clothes, but they'll spend money on good basic "tightie whiteys". (These have to be replaced, right,~I mean how many of you have husbands that grab up every pair of drawers in their drawer (I like that "drawers in their drawer" :)), throw all 24 pairs out and run to Sam's and buy 24 brand new shining white replacements?  It's kind of a right of passage with the adult male.  This has always struck me as a little odd, because anybody with any sense would purchase the new panties FIRST and throw the old ones out after you were CERTAIN you had replacements!

This clip is from 2008 when sales were DOWN,
but I read today that SALES were up, so things are looking up for Bitsy.

I mean I just didn't "jump in blind" to this business endeavor.  I've thought alot about how I wanted to spend the remainder of my life.  I mean if I can't support myself by just being in constant awe and amazement of the Lil Man, I'd like to do something that he can get some enjoyment out of!  What could I do that would bring some form of satisfaction and pleasure.  I'm working on that as you read, BUT on that note, apparently these economic indicators are like mega important stuff!

I have been watching carefully all the important indicators.  Being the thorough person that I am, BESIDES the "Tightie Whitey" market, I've been carefully observing the "Lipstick Market".  I've discovered that the "Lipstick Indicator" is also a pretty solid means of keeping a handle on knowing when the economy is improving.  This "solid time tested economic theory" is based on the idea that when individuals feel uncertain about the future, they turn to less-expensive luxuries, most notably vanity items such as lipstick. The trend suggests that lipstick sales increase during a recession or times of economic uncertainty. The use of lipstick has also been suggested to be a “mood enhancer,” which understandably functions to lift spirits during tough economic times.  I made a quick "lipstick assessment" today in my makeup bag, and it seems, although I wasn't aware of it,  I obviously may have been extremely depressed over the last few years, and should probably consider medication.  It may be cheaper than the multiple shades of pink that stare gazingly at me ranging in name from "Baby's Butt Blush" to "Cotton Candy Drool" and on the darker spectrum, the many shades of red, like "Blood Bank Rose", "Catsup's Catty Desire", "Hotter Than Hades" and "Too Red to be Dead".   Yep, the economic factors are definitely on Bitsy's side.

One last little pearl of wisdom.  I've also been tracking what is most often referred to as the "Aspirin Count Indicator".  Yes, you probably guessed it. When times are tough, headaches abound… and aspirin sales go up! The idea is that, as a lagging indicator, stock prices and aspirin sales are inversely related. So, when the sales of aspirin go up, the market goes down. This is generally considered to be more of a humorous theory than a concrete strategy, but with the number of headaches that I get, it sounds like a pretty solid theory to me. 

One other little tidbit that seems to keep raising it's little head is called the "Hemline/Skirt Length Indicator".  This theory is one of those "etched in historical stone and cannot be reputed type things" :).  It hints that the direction of the economy could be predicted based on the average length of hems in that year's new fashion lines.  If skirts are short, markets are on the rise.  If skirts are long, markets are headed downward.  The thought process is that longer skirts are worn when consumer confidence is low, demonstrating fear and a general lack of spending.  When skirts are short, consumer optimism is high indicating that "bull/cattle" Merrill Lynch type of thing is going on!  This is the one indicator that isn't really "generally accepted".  Major Fashion shows like NYC's Fashion week do provide a unique perspective into the global mindset, where you have designers from around the world working independently coming together to show that year's designs.  The designs always seem to be in part influenced by the economy and culture surrounding those designers.  I haven't paid much attention to skirt length in my decision to move forward with my venture, but the "aspirin indicator", it seems is "right on the money, HONEY".   I'm kind of hoping that I start seeing girls prancing around with their rears hanging out this year when normally I'm more of a moderate hemline kind of girl!
This MAY be an omen that this Bitsy has chosen the right time to fling open her "entrepreneurial"  doors.  What more could a customer want than a proprietor whose lips beckon their business with "Come Hither Hoochie" or I just found some NARS "Red Lizard".  That may just do the trick.

Tomorrow, I'll share Easter pictures of the Webbman,  and his Easter loot.  I guess I'll put a "teaser" photo up, so I can be "certain" to see ya'll tomorrow.  I mean who could resist this face?  We all know that Bitsy can't!  I'll tell ya'll more about the business to as things come together!  Thanks for reading.

2011 Easter - the Webbman doing what he does BEST . . . . being africkindorable!

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