Sunday, April 3, 2011

Your Life in Storage, Where's the Table Top, What's So Great About Family and is that a Carrot on the Door?

Happy Sunday Morning Ya'll!  The First Family of Webbworld has begun the "MOVE" process.  The Lil Momma, Precious and Webbman will be laying their heads down "in their own beds" very soon.  After six months or so of "life in storage", yesterday, with the help of family, we rolled out and began to "unpack" life as the Lil Momma and Precious know it.  Funny things is, for the Webbman, all these things will be new.  New is good.

MOVING from one place to another is always exciting and a little bit nerve wracking too.  There are lots of emotions that accompany change ~ anticipation and uncertainty of what lies ahead, an anxiousness in leaving the old and nesting into the new.  Pulling "out of" the driveway for the last time of a first home is decidedly not a pleasant event, but on that note, pulling "into" the driveway of a second home for the first time is pretty frickin' awesome.  For this Bitsy, it's been nice to get to experience these times in the Lil Momma's life and to be there to share in the sadness and yes, in the joy.

Sometimes, the most rewarding thing about moving is "unboxing and savoring" your "STUFF".  There is a sense of "place" in every bowl, plate, picture frame, pillow etc. that has been part of a home.  They bring with them a memory from another time, another moment, another place and mesh those other times from your life together with the new times.  Our "STUFF" is like the glue that keeps the continuity of our life in sync.  Our stuff "connects the dots" and helps us maintain the continuity of life's events.  I believe that the greatest anxiety for every woman, other than the worry we carry for our childen, is separation anxiety for our "STUFF".  There is quite simply an affection for our mixing bowls, our pots, our vases and yes, as strange as it sounds . . . . our set of "First Season of Friends DVD's"  For Bitsy, my "moving" trip was complete when I saw the Lil Momma's face as she opened the box that contained her connection to Phoebe and to Monica! 

Family is such a special and blessed thing, well at least the ones who talk to you :).  IF I had ever wondered what things are so wonderful about family, today I got to see all the special odds and ends first hand.  It was like the "This Family Kicks Ass" ALARM went off right in front of me.  All the bells, all the whistles went off at one time as the trucks and trailers pulled up!!  When you show up at a completely empty house and two trailers, 4 vehicles, and several hours later, both your previously "chocked full" storage sheds are unloaded, your new home is full of all your STUFF and there are so many arms and legs scurrying about like ants working so hard to try to make you happy that it hurts (and yes, I mean literally "hurts" because today I'm wondering how this bunch will fare with the back problems after a night of sleep), THAT "people" is pretty amazing.  A while later, rugs laid, perfectly aligned, furniture in place, blinds ready to be hung and all that seemed to linger was the Lil Momma's latent concern pertaining to the exact "whereabouts" and "location" of her Espresso Pottery Barn Table Top.  This concern stemmed from her not actually SEEING it placed on the moving truck six months back.  As the Lil Momma, and Precious started the moving process from Atlanta and the Bay and the movers packed up their home, they hauled boxes and a houseload of furniture to the freightline vehicles.  The Lil Momma tried to monitor and watch a they moved each piece of her life in the City onto the moving van, but immediately as it pulled away from Nalley Circle. . . . a sense of dread seemed to loom.  The Lil Momma became immediately concerned that she never saw her table top make it on to the moving truck.  For months, off and on, she would ask or make comments expressing her worry about the fact that her table top was forever lost.  Soon, we all shared her worry.  Yes, we all absorbed this fret factor.

Truly, you don't know what an amazing cast of family and friends you have until you need help moving and in some cases, moving more than once!  In-laws, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. arrived ready and willing to get to "work".  "Honey and EZ" made the five hour trip from Oxford to participate in the fun.  Bitsy made the 11 hour train ride from Atlanta just to have the opportunity to play! PawPaw came from up the road as always ready to dismantle, haul, and assemble.  Uncle Vince, Uncle Cayce, EZ, PawPaw, and Precious got to loading and unloading.  Aunt Miche and Bitsy just took it all in, moving a box or two as required :). The Lil Momma dictated and pointed alot. Somebody has to be in charge and she does an excellent job of it!

Anyhow, the day was pretty seamless-no drama, no aggravations, no cursing, no breakage, no missing items (as the table top did appear, but only after the men succeeded in driving the Lil Momma a tad bit crazy for the better part of he day).  The table top saga continued as the men expressed their concern at not SEEING any sign of it with every trip they made to the truck.  Hope sprang eternal with Bitsy that the Table Top was out there somewhere, and knowing the men as I do that they may just be exercising their cruel delight, that the act of "terrorizing" the Lil Momma was their sick way of showing their "affection for her" and that they were obtaining some enjoyment in knowing full well, that until the Lil Momma set her hands on said table top, she would not have the peace of mind that it had indeed made the trip! 

Families, you have to just love them......including Bitsy who felt every new home needed a "carrot" for their front door!  Isn't it precious? 

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