Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Webbmail, Options that Make it Hard to Say NO and Eternal Life for the Tooth Fairy.

"BITSY MAIL" for the Webbman

My project this week is shaping up to be a tad more than I bargained for, but all in all, like everything else about Webb, alot of fun.  I'm working on a "Bitsy Mail" mailbox.  It's a small metal mailbox that I found at Hobby Lobby. On the outside I'm making on a decal that is shaped just like an envelope which reads {From: Webb's Bitsy} and {To:  Webb Thomas Meisenheimer}.  A name like that, is a challenge to place appropriately in the space allotted!  I may have to go with "Webbman".  The long term plan is to get the Lil Momma to place the mailbox in a location of extremely high regard in their home. Then, when he is able, his parents can allow the Webbman to check the "Bitsymail" mailbox once a week for letters from, guess who~you got it . . . . "Bitsy".  I plan to send cards, stickers, coloring pages, notes, letters pictures of myself (only skinny ones) and Mr. B, snapshots of Buddy and Baxter, and whatever else feels right to me!    I am really scraping the bottom of the pile to come up with little ways to stay somewhere in the front of our Lil man's mind.  If nothing else, the Webbmail, although nothing major, will serve to remind the Lil man how much his Bitsy loves him and thinks about him.

The Beginning of the Webbmail Pouch 
"the unfinished project" 

You see . . . I have a tendency to get out of hand.
  I would not want THIS in my living room either!

Somehow an idea this extremely simple, with Bitsy, has a tendency to turn into something extremely monumental.  I started out basically intending to create a mailbox in which the Lil momma would place the letters that I send to the Lil man.  Your mind may wander to a thought that plays out something like "What the hell is wrong with the mailbox in front of his house?"  Well, if your mind went there.....I'll tell you what's wrong with it.  I want to assure that the Lil Man has an opportunity to "check his own mail", "to have that experience of something special arriving just for him", "to know that the little document in his hand was sent just for Webb", and that "it's something between he and his Bitsy".  Of course, then my mind wanders to the possibility of doing a mail pouch that may be less "obtrusive" than a metal mailbox sitting in the Lil Momma's home somewhere.  Maybe something that is made of felt and shaped like an envelope, maybe red with white stitching that has white felt letters on it that read "Webbmail".  Maybe it could hang proudly from his bedroom doorknob.  Nothing stays "simple" with me.  I always tend to over analyze and get carried away with the simplest of ideas.  Knowing the Lil Momma as I do, and having an appreciation for the Momma, Wife, Daughter, Housekeeper and "Organizer Extraordinaire" that she is.........the concern looms in my brain that Everything in their home has a place where it lives, a place where it belongs, and I would prefer if that place does not end up being the deepest darkest part of a closet.  I don't want the "Webbmail receptacle" to end up "living" somewhere out of sight, so with that said~I'm still working on the mailbox idea, and it may take on several shapes before it finds one that works for all parties!  I have a feeling that after over analyzing it, I'll probably have a "discussion" with the Lil Momma.  I will keep ya'll posted.  For now, I'm working on the mailbox and when complete, moving to the mailbag.  You see, I'm a firm believer that if you present a person with "options", saying "no" is a whole lot harder.  One of these options is bound to be acceptable as and serve it's purpose, which after-all, is to let the Webbman know how very much he is loved :)

Looked like a good start for this mail process.
Looks like Webbman is going to be getting a Mailbox in his First Easter Basket!

On a more long term and profound note, I was laying in bed last night thinking about Webb, big surprise huh? There are so many things I want to do with him and for him.  I was thinking about getting him a goldfish, but I reckon I'll need to wait til he is a little older since a goldfish doesn't generally have a terribly long lifespan.  I want the Lil man to be old enough that he can enjoy the goldfish awhile before the little critter croaks.  I remember many a goldfish in our home. I also remember the Lil Momma asking me one day if I thought one of them in particular would die.  I told her "Of course, it will die sweetie.  Everything dies at some point."  I can still see the look on her face as she looked up and said "Uh uh Momma.  Santa Claus is old and isn't died!  The Easter Bunny isn't died.  The Tooth Fairy isn't died.  I think my goldfish is gonna live forever."  On a more realistic note, the goldfish didn't, but she was right, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are still alive and well in the world of our grandchildren.  Somehow, the Lil Momma has always seemed to work in the last word and that is just OK with Bitsy :)

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