Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Crash of 2011, It's Not "Hide & Seek" If YOU don't get a Turn and Hellsbellarina!

I must apologize for dropping out of the blogisphere the last few days.  I wish I could tell you I went to Tahiti and lounged around with the "cabana boy", but alas, THAT is not the case!  I have been in "mourning".  I'm pretty sure this Bitsy will be O.K., but the jury on that is still deliberating.  It's all been very sad.  I've even worn the traditional "black", out of respect (Bear in mind, the black thing was easy. I wear it alot.  It serves to disguise a few things about my "girlish" figure.  I've shed a few tears, stayed in the bed with the covers over my head, whined to my hubby, and tried to recover with some modicum of respect.  You know que in the. . . . . "Shimmy on into the Ceremonial Big Girl Panties".  As some of you know, I don't have to go too far to LOOK for THOSE!   At least I can talk about it now.  Three days and Three nights later . . . not much has changed except the tears have stopped.

So maybe I don't look like Audrey Hepburn, but we are both "mourning" a substantial loss!

Let me share with ya'll what happened.  I reckon it's  unfair and almost hateful to leave ya'll in the "lurch" (Just what is a "lurch" anyhow, because the only "lurch" I know was on the Adams Family, and he's definitely NOT what I'm referring to.)  Anyhow, I never saw it coming.  There were no "Severe Weather Warnings".  No "Community Alerts" or "Sirens" . . . . . . It just happened.  Crash.  Everything went BLACK as if someone had turned out the lights-just PULLED the plug!  You know, a person can never appropriately prepare for these things.  We believe we are ready, but no matter how precautionary we are, no matter the amount of emergency preparedness seminars we have attended, when the crisis hits . . . . somehow we aren't prepared.

Anyhow, where did I leave off?  "Crash" and "blackness" and there I was - typing away telling ya'll some kind of IMPORTANT and very PERTINENT information when the frickin screen went BLANK!  The more I typed, the "blanker" it seemed to get.   Surely, this did not happen to ME!  Surely, there is  no GOD that would EAT all of the Webbman's pictures, swallow all my documents whole without even a shred of indigestion.  I mean I don't even think the stupid thing "threw up a little in it's mouth"!  It just chomped down, chewed it up and didn't spit out a darn thing.

This is the outfit I wore from the bedroom to the living room
as I cried . . . . tears . . . . crocodile ones!
Yes, Bitsy's laptop died.  If it had to go, at least it was a quick painless death.  On that note, let me tell you~I've lost both parents - well I didn't "lose" them.  I'm pretty certain I know where they are, but anyhow one parent suffered a long heart breaking painful fight with Cancer battling the hateful disease for years to no avail, and the other, God Bless his soul, stepped out of his girlfriend's bed on New Years Morning, walked into her bathroom, and politely dropped dead right there for us to have that "vision" forever more!)  Neither way is good!  Irregardless, one is never prepared!

Bitsy may not be blogging daily for a few days because it seems that for whatever reason, unbeknownst to me, my CREATIVE juices do not flow effectively on the hubby's laptop.  I may just be in mourning or his "cosmic vibes" may just stifle my creativity, but whatever the case, I think I may have my laptop cremated and carry the ashes around with me in a vial around my neck.  After all, Angelina did it with Billie Bob's blood.  Bitsy is certainly entitled to tote around the laptop that ATE ALL WEBB'S PICTURES. 

Decidedly, Bitsy is in bad humor and not her normal "good natured self".  Oh, and one other little "TIDBIT".  The "HOUSE" has also swallowed my glasses sometime within the last 12 hours.  Yep, that's right . . . . . NO SIGN OF THEM.  Bear in mind, these aren't cute little spectacles or "readers" that you pick up to be trendy at Wallie World.  These are certifiable "She's so blind, she can't drive, see the T.V. or 2 ft. in front of her 54 year old face" bifocals.  Sooooo . . . it's no fun to play hide and seek with an inanimate object.  Maybe it will burp or something for God's sake?  Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!!!

Yep, my glasses look something like THIS, but I'm not as cute, so can't carry them off as well!

Ill be back soon, and with good news :)  Nightie Night, don't let those silly bed bugs bite. Hells Bells!

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