Friday, March 18, 2011

Yowzer-Bitsy's Potato Salad is a Culinary Delight & Hot Diggity Cat, another Lil Catholic?

Bitsy, Can me and Miller have some potato salad too? 
If black eyed peas trigger prosperity, a tuna casserole's destiny is to solace grief, and oysters to trigger lust, what emotion is mixed into a big bowl of Home-made Potato Salad?  I mean really, could it be Love?  Could it be Joy?

Somewhere within my multitude of talents, somehow amidst all the things I'm known to be good for, Potato Salad making has been added to the list of "Things Webb's Bitsy is Pretty Good at Doing".  So, here sits Bitsy . . . . the Friday night before the Webbman's big day as a new lil Catholic and my greatest concern seems to be the Potato Salad. 

I find myself "fretting" as I do over so many things.  Should I MAKE the Potato Salad or resort to "wussing out" and BUYING the Potato Salad?  You see, somewhere, somehow, somebody decided  my potato salad was pretty yummy.  It seems to fall somewhere in between my pound cake, my bread pudding, and my chicken salad, although I don't quite get it.  I can't tell you WHY it's good, but what I can tell you is, every time this family has a party,  my potato salad is on the "Please make a Humongous Batch for us" list and seems to always get a thumbs up.  So, that's how I ended up here, tonight, at this point in time.  We have a Baptism in less than 36 hours and Bitsy needs to whip up about 20 pounds of Potato Salad.  

I mean, as this Bitsy sees it Potato Salad "almost" means more than saying "I love you."  Potato Salad is most assuredly something that family and friends do not have to EXPLAIN or DISCUSS or feel SELF-CONSCIOUS about . . . . . It quite simply says "I love you and  I am happy or sad about whatever you are happy or sad about and that I will share as much of your burden or joy as I can" so MAYBE, just MAYBE potato salad is a BETTER way of saying HALLELUJAH WE'RE GONNA  HAVE ANOTHER LIL CATHOLIC YA'LL.  Maybe potato salad also says "Congratulations to our family and friends as we gear up to baptise these babies"!  Bottom line is, I'm not sure what potato salad really says, but I do know that Bitsy has decided that her family is depending on her to boil the potatoes, the eggs, chop the onion and the celery, glob up the mayonnaise and the sour cream and to crumple up the bacon.  Bitsy has arrived at the conclusion that "buying" the Potato Salad would surely be sacriligious in some way, shape or form, so come tomorrow, whip it up I will!    In closing, as I lay my weary head down on the pillow tonight, I have to smile at how much love the Webbman has surrounding him.  I hope this group of friends and family always take the time to be accessible to our little man.  I hope we always take the time to support and pray for our little man, and most of all "I hope I always WHIP UP the potato salad instead of BUYING it!"

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