Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Lil Moma Has a Birthday Today, She'll Always BE MY BABY and Bitsy gets Evaluated.

I have been lots of things in my lifetime.  Some I've been really good at, and some I have really sucked at!  Never really knowing what I wanted to be, I was always open to trying most anything.  Let's see, I've been a Legal Assistant, a Teamster's Union employee, an Ammunition Plant employee, a Power Company employee, a Bank Teller, an Asst. Branch Manager, a Customer Service Rep., a Word Processor, a Mortgage Servicing Manager, an Administrative Assistant, a Realtor, an Elected Official, a Board Member, a "Director", a Sales Assistant, a Commercial Lending Assistant, a Wife, an Aunt, a Godmother, a Sister-n-law, Daughter-n-law, Friend and a Sister.  Of all the roles I've been blessed with in this lifetime, the one I enjoy the most, and that seems to have the greatest longevity and by far the greatest job security, is that of the "Lil Momma's Mom".  Tomorrow is her birthday and every day of my life since she was born in 1985, I have thanked the man upstairs for giving me the honor and the privilege of holding the position.  Lately, while I'm still a Mom, I've also been trying to perfect the role of "Bitsy".  I have given and I have received a good number of performance reviews in my day. I no longer have a "full-time" job~so I haven't done either one of these in a number of years.  Time for that to change.

These days I find myself working both ends of the review process — giving and receiving a review for myself in the highly coveted position of "Bitsy", so here we go.  Let's have a look!

Performance Review
Name: Carleen
Position: Bitsy to Webbmann
Date of hire: 10/2010
Date of this review: 3/2011

Rating Scale:
5 Exceptional
4 Exceeds Standards
3 Meets Standards
2 Needs Improvement
1 Unsatisfactory

Ownership Carleen buys into her position of "Bitsy" fully.  She never ever shirks her responsibilities, duties or her title.  Carleen takes extreme pride in the role of Bitsy, sometimes to an extreme, not wanting to share the title with others.  Rating: 4

Results Webb seems to know exactly WHO "Bitsy" is and seems to enjoy his time with her. Bitsy is goal oriented and plans to "prep" her potential "Skype" sessions with toy trucks, cars, puppets and vibrantly colored picture books.  She has no remorse in bribing Webb for his affections knowing that this will only be necessary on a short-term basis due to the fact that once he realizes how much his Bitsy loves him, her love will quite certainly win him over.  Rating: 4.5

Achievements — Carleen is most effective in the position, anxious to find ways to create a strong life long relationship with Webb, despite the 400 some odd miles between them.  Carleen consistently plans visits (whether the Lil Momma and Precious enjoy them or not), despite a non existent bank account. Carleen has learned how to Skype, how to blog, how to facebook, how to twitter and email,  is working on sign language, excels in using the United State Parcel Service, UPS, and FedEx to her full advantage.  Further, Carleen depends on regular usage of the cell phone system with the Lil Momma and Webb despite her aberration of such. Rating: 4
Initiative Carleen is extremely proactive in problem solving when it comes to finding new ways to engage Webb, in person or long-distance. Rating: 4

Teamwork and Communication — Carleen works well with Tommy, her ex-husband, in grandparenting, despite the fact that they live in separate States.   For Communication points, please see Achievements.  Rating: 3

Skills — Carleen demonstrates an extremely high-level of long-distance ability, regularly making use of ideas and activities offered by family, friends and fellow grandparents. She needs (and desires) a whole whole lot more face time with Webb to improve her skills and efficiency in one-on-one situations with the grandchild. She goes on record as requesting said face-to-face time.  Rating: 4
Regardless of dollars, day, or miles, Carleen will do anything and everything for the Webbman. Rating: 4

Overall Rating = 3.75 Meets/Nearly Exceeds Standards

We all have room for improvement and I don't think any of us ever deserve a "5".  In my new job as "Bitsy",  I fully grasp the "#5 policy".  I’m not as good as it gets and I want to always work to be better ~ with the goal in mind of improving my performance in one of the most important positions I’ve ever held  — Bitsy to Webb ... and hopefully a few other grandbabies to come.

On another  note, tomorrow is Kate Ellen a/k/a/ The Lil Momma's birthday.  I adore the Lil Momma, hope she goes ape sh%# when she gets her present and I just want her to know how proud we are of her and how much love and respect we hold for her in our hearts.  Happy Birthday my sweet Kate Ellen.  Bitsy Loves You!



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