Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh Good Lord Webb-We're Bombing Libya on St. Joseph Day!

Another day for the Webbman's Bitsy in North Mississippi.  Well~Bitsy never would have believed it, but I witnessed it with my own eyes today.  There's no proving it.  I can't and I don't have the time or the inclination to do it anyhow, but I am pretty darn sure that WalMart is training certain customers.  As I walked down the produce aisle, picking out potatoes and gathering up onions for the potato salad, I suddenly realized that the customers at the WalMart in Hernando, MS look, behave, and "sloth"  just like the customers in Waveland, MS.  Not only, do they hog the aisles with reckless disregard for other grocery patrons, but they defy you to maneuver past their obstructions with those "drop dead" looks they so graciously bestow upon you.  One hour and fifteen minutes after entering the automatic double doors of Wallie World, I exited the automatic double doors of Wallie World, a tad bit older and a helluva lot more aggravated with Jesus' children.  Somewhere in the last few years, it seems that shopping etiquette, along with basic manners have just gone to hell in the legendary hand basket.  Maybe it's a sign of the times, maybe it's sadness from the effects of a suffering economy, but whatever it is that makes people believe they don't need to practice the most basic of human courtesies like "please" "excuse me" "and "hello" needs some serious "social" evaluation.  Maybe WalMart could weed out some of the bad apples by charging a "cover charge" to get in.  I don't think they would lose alot of revenue because it seems that alot of the folks wandering around loose in there on the weekends are there just to ride around in the motorized carts.  I mean, seriously . . . . . . IF you can WALK, do it.  Leave the carts for people that are seriously handicapped and not just lazy.  OH and Sweet Mother of Metal Reachie Things . . . . . Leave those metal contraptions that have the claw like attachment on the end HOME too.  If you can walk and have two hands, you do not need a "reacher thing".  OK, I'm done and getting off my high horse.  Thank you for listening, now perhaps we can take a minute to relax and listen to this ever so appropriate song :) .

After the 20 pounds of potato salad for tomorrow's Baptism was whipped up, placed lovingly in zip locks and placed neatly in the refrigerator, I sat down to read the news and Lo and BeDamnHold. . . . . there it was on Fox News (so it had to be true) . . . . "US Forces Strike Targets in Libya"!  What a damn day . . . . They bomb Libya, but they leave all these fools roaming around WalMart ?????  The more I read, the more I realized I needed to "change the channel".  CNN was reporting that "U.S., British and French forces had launched attacks on Moammar Gadhafi's forces".   I hate it, I really do but I'm kind of proud of the "Coalition of the Willing".

Looks to me like they went over there and Tomahawk'd some Gadhafi butt and they did it on St. Joseph's Day!  I hope they didn't forget about St. Joseph today before they took on all this serious business.  I mean think about it, if it weren't for St. Joseph, we woudn't have had the itty bitty teenie weenie baby Jesus!  Oh, wait . . . . I take that back, Baby Jesus would still have gotten here without St. Joseph in the picture but I'm sure that Jesus was a better person due to St. Joseph's influence.  You know what I mean.

OK, in less than 11 hours, our lil Webbman is gonna be the newest little Catholic in the family!  I hope Libya has a better day tomorrow.  After all, it's been pretty rough over there the last few weeks.  They deserve some peace and what better day for them to have it than Webb's Baptism Day 2011!

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