Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mom Version 2.0, Making Good Choices and the Lil Momma

Last night, I had a date with my granddaughters, MacKenzie and Ansley and their perfect little momma, Destiny. They arrived at Bitsy's door promptly at 5:00 p.m. looking amazingly adorable in their dresses and stockings all ready to go to the "theatre".  We had tickets for a production of Mid Summer Night's Dream and between the music, costumes and dancing on stage in the Performing Arts Center  and the music, costume and dancing taking place at the Kid Rock concert next door in the Arena, everybody was having a good time. I am so blessed to have these two adorable girls in my life, and of course, their Momma.  They are actually my hubbie's grandbaby's but I do my best to fill the step-grandmother classification with them pretty well and we adore their every move.  They are smart, funny, polite, demanding little females to be reckoned with.  So So So proud of them.

My favorite picture of Mackie and Ansley doing what they do best . . . be silly!

I don't know if I'm right, but I have always thought that it was without a doubt a parent's duty to improve the family's lot with each passing generation.  I've always considered it a parent's duty to create a better life for their children than the one they had themselves, to improve the family's lot with each generation. Regardless of how grand -- or not -- a person's life may be, there's always room for improvement, and their kids should be the beneficiaries of such.

With that in mind, I've worked hard to ensure my daughter is more content, better educated, more financially secure than I was at her age, along with myriad other upgrades in comparison to how things were for me. Now that she is a young adult, I'm seeing the fruits of my labor in her, in numerous ways.  Many of them, I can take no credit for.  They are, by the grace of God, a result of my daughter's due diligence to her role as the Webbman's Momma.

The Lil Momma has lots more to offer than this Bitsy ever had. In her I see that not only is she better educated, more financially secure, has more common sense, discipline, patience and definitely more poise than I ever possessed. She is a much better mom than I was at her age.

Here are some reasons why I say that:

1. Kate has kept her high school, college and work "friends" actively involved in her life.  She has nurtured those relationships and  is committed to a "network of new Moms who are old trusted friends" She compares, discusses, shares, and consults with them about the Webbman's progress.  This is no easy feat when life takes it's fast paced toll on newly married couples. She is fearless in asserting newly tried techniques for discipline, character building, motor-skill encouragement and alot more that I ever dreamed of when she was the Webbman's age. Most come by way of her early childhood work at the University Preschool, Willie Price, her community service while working in the hospital nursery in High School and a baby sitting sideline not to be reckoned with.

2. Kate has made a point to learn about "boy things".  At 54, I still don't know the difference between a line backer and a tight end, and the difference I would cite would not be one anyone would want to hear :))  Kate knows every football, baseball, and basketball position, play, the corresponding players, coaches, lineups, who plays with what team and has moved to knowing tennis.  She will be able to not only hold a conversation with her son, but hold an "engaging" one.

3. Kate reads, studies and analyzes new methods, products and opportunities that the Webbman may benefit from.  Hers is not a "Mother From the Sideline Technique" nor is it a "Raise Him from the Hip" approach.  I've been so impressed with the rational, calm, information gathering approach she takes when tending to and loving the Webbman.  It touches my heart and I am extremely proud and thankful for her approach.

4.  Kate is not satisfied to "wing it".  While the Lil Momma is fully aware that sometimes with babies "winging it" is what you have to do, she has educated herself  in ways I never would have known how to do so that she has "choices".  She acquires the knowledge to make Good Choices, moves forward with them, and is not afraid to try again and again and again.  She is tirelessly persistent.

I only had one child, the Lil Momma, So the real test of my summation that she's a better mom than I, will come when babies No. 2 and No. 3 come along - and yes, I so hope they will come along. Do I question whether she'll pass? Not at all. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Lil Momma will pass with flying colors -- technocolor in fact ! !

Enjoy your Saturday.  It's raining here in Atlanta and kind of dreary, but all I have to do is look at my pictures of the Webbman and well, all of Bitsy's Bits are perfectly aligned.

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