Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perverts, Search Engines, Viewer Composition & Dr. Scholl's Cornpads!

Hey ya'll.

I know that, on occasion, I have talked about the make-up and composition of Bitsy's "viewing public".  I guess everybody likes to believe that they will be "well read" or at the very least "read".  That's good right?  The longer I participate in this little blogging project, the more knowledge I acquire on how to evaluate the page hits, the searches and how viewers end up on the "Bitsy's Bits" blog page.

For the most part,  you readers appear to be friends, family, acquaintances, twitter and facebook friends.  Ya'll are often led directly to the page by "clicking" on a link provided by "guess who"?  You got it......"Bitsy".   I have to admit that I find that as the numbers escalate, so does the "fear" factor.  We hear so much in today's world about sickos and perverts and heaven's forbid that I place the word "pedophile" in the blog content, but I'm gonna do it.  It's purely for informational and I'll keep you guys informed as to the results.  Tomorrow night, we will all know how many people got to this blog because they did a search engine "query" that included that stupid "shame on you and your friends" word.  It's ashamed that we even have to worry about these things, but we do and with the concern openly expressed, I'll tell ya'll that tonight as I reviewed the "search queries" from today, some fool with a foot fetish, I reckon, must have beem searching for any content that may include the words "cute little toes" and of course, leave it to ME, one of my blog posts was entitled "Those Toes Those Toes".  It was about the Webbman's cute lil toes.

Some people's children . . . How do they get this way?  I can only say that so far, there are very few of these types of searches, and perhaps it's a coincidence.  Perhaps, Bitsy is so well read that some reader heard about that one post and "googled it"?  Likely not, as flattering as that thought may be!  Today's post may get it's fair share of loons due to the hits on the word "pervert" from our subject line.  With that said, this Bitsy is living and learning and will be very careful in the future of "title words and tags" within the blog post.  Just a word of advise for my little "foot" lover..........If you don't cease and desist I will start posting pictures of my short fat swollen 54 year old feet for your viewing pleasure.  I can assure you, ask anyone that knows me . . . . Bitsy does NOT have good feet.  You will have repetitive nightmares featuring ME and my FEET should you choose to follow that path.  You will wake up screaming, drenched in sweat.  I mean it, take it as a threat.  I'll follow through.  If I need to post pictures, I will.  Don't MAKE me do it!

For you regular folks that just want to share the "Bitsying" process with me, thank you for venturing out with me on this journey.  Thank you for your commitment and morale support.  Don't stop reading and diligent.....maybe we will "scare them away"!

P.S.  IF YOU FIND YOURSELF being drawn to the pictures of my feet, and/or my cankles, FIGHT THE URGE......I need you normal folks.  We have "Bitsying" to do, and I KNOW I'm gonna need your help :)))  Until then, I'm running out to the 24 hour Walgreens to get some CORN PADS and just in case some ATHLETES FOOT POWDER !!!

I told ya'll my feet were ugly and on top of the feet, I have wrinkles and cankles!  Go away Mr. Pervert, go away!

FYI, Bitsy will be travelling tomorrow heading to the beautiful State of Mississippi to get my hugs, to go to another lil sweet pea's dance recital and assist in the First Family of Bitsyworld's move this weekend.  I'll be back, but it may be a few days.  I'll miss ya'll.  Check back! 

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