Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bitsy's Dandelion Wishes for Webb, There's a Wierdo in the parking lot @ the Post Office, & Get Ready to Blow.

As I stepped out of the post office today, I caught a glimpse of something blowing in the wind over the field to my right.  I stopped and looked out at just what had caught my attention and just smiled.  Like many years ago, I suddenly felt like a child again being beckoned to "come have a seat and play". This Bitsy couldn't pass it up. There, amidst the grass that would soon be mowed, hand in hand with the weeds that would soon be sprayed and uprooted, there lived an endless sea of wishes . . ."Dandelion" wishes~free for the taking, just waiting to be wished.  What an amazing world we live in that "thanks to AT&T and Blackberry"~I was able to spend some time in the dandelion field, capture the beauty of the moment and share it with you.

As the other postal patrons piled out of the lobby, scurrying to their cars and hurrying on to what was left of Monday's business, a few stopped and glanced in my direction.  A few smiled and took it all in.  They paused momentarily from their busy pace to watch me in the middle of the field, as I became so engrossed in my "dandelion quest".  There was "Bitsy" blowing dandelions with sheer reckless abandon.  As I picked and blew, all that came to my mind were the things that I wish for the Webbman, things I wish for the Lil Momma and Precious and "yes", a few wishes for my brother and his family along with my sister.  Truth be told,  perhaps there were just a couple for Bitsy and Mr. B.  Love is funny that way.  When you love someone, it seems that you can always find something that you "wish" for them.  Something that may make their life a better place.  A "wish" that will bring a peace to their life, bestow a blessing or a goodness that they have sought for awhile.  It never hurts to wish, now does it?  Wishes are one of the few things left in life that don't cost a thing.  So, with that thought in mind, I even picked a few extra and placed them in a ziplock when I got home.  I think we all need a few dandelions for a rainy day.

Bitsy's Wishes for the Webbman

My precious Webb,
Bitsy wishes you a life full of gratitude, curiosity, strength and forgiveness. I wish you the opportunity to laugh daily with OTHERS and at YOURSELF. I wish you the ability to love yourself, to be proud of yourself and to treat yourself and others with kindness and compassion, that goes for animals too.  Be kind and compassionate to those little fellows too. I wish that your little hands will be used for hugging and high five "ing" and not hurting.  I so wish you will take time to be silly and play. I so wish as you grow, you'll appreciate the importance of productivity and find a passion that matters to you and that may matter to the world.  I wish for you always the value in knowing that people are far more important than things.  I wish you will do your best to keep your word.  I wish that home, tradition and family matter to you.  I hope and wish you always find the beautiful, delightful, admirable and the awesome things in life.  I wish you never fail to see those people less fortunate than you and that you never take them for granted. I wish you appreciate and respect differences of opinion, culture and ideas.  I pray and wish that you will find a forever mate and together make a forever loving family.  I so wish you will never break your Mother or your Father's heart, or for that matter, your Bitsy's or your Honey's.  I wish you will build people up and not tear them down.  I wish you will lead more than follow and listen more than speak.  I wish that your body, mind, and your soul will stay strong to grow and bend, but never break.  I wish that you dance, sing, eat, enjoy, cry, giggle, dream, all without giving thought to what others think.  I pray you will set goals, reach for them and go beyond.  I pray that adversity makes you stronger, not hopeless.  I pray you will say "I will" alot, lots more than "I can't or I'll try".  I wish you an open mind.  I wish that the words liar, racist, addict, bully and asshead are never used to describe my Webbman. I think most of all Bitsy wishes that you will depend on God's comfort, guidance, forgiveness and love in all things. I pray and wish that the Webbman has the opportunities to make his dreams become realities, and I pray and wish that you always know you are loved.

All my Love,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These are alot of wishes and plenty of dandelions, plenty of time and plenty of Bitsy to make those wishes.  These are Bitsy's wishes for the Webbman, but Webaroo will have his own dreams, his own wishes, so my last wish, as I stood in the "Postal Field" today was that this Bitsy will have the opportunity to teach our little man about blowing dandelions and making wishes so they can all come true.

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