Monday, March 28, 2011

Meanies, Bitsy & Big Decisions, "Johnny-ietta" on the Spot & Doodle Bugs on I-10 East.

What is it about "Big Decisions" that make us think "We" don't have to make them?  Wait, I'm grouping you guys into a segment of human beings, like myself, who have charter memberships in the "Scarlett O'Hara Society of Procrastination, Prolonging the Inevitable, and Delaying the Unpleasantness". 

This is quite probably going to come across like I'm laying blame for the "Tomorrow is Another Day" gene that I most assuredly possess at the tiny little feet of my adorable, "should have been canonized" Mother, but I'm not~I'm simply saying that one of the things I "identified" with best that "Carol Theresa Stevenson" used to share with me as a child was her philosophy to "Just Ignore Them, They'll Go Away" "THEM" being "MEAN" people or anything and anybody that got on my nerves.  Of all the life lessons that I learned from the Lil Momma's "Grandma Carol", the "handling" of people, situations and things I don't like or just don't want to deal with due to the "unpleasantness" factor was not one of them.  The sad part of this story is "THEY" don't go away, no matter how much "YOU" ignore them :(  It was a good concept and it probably held water pretty well for my Momma.  Even "mean hateful" people would have had a problem acting that way to the Lil Momma's "Grandma Carol".
I guess I should have known this a long time ago.  Things have a way of popping up and biting you quite literally "on the butt" irregardless of said butt's size or shape.  Oh, I am "Johnny-ietta on the Spot" if I WANT to deal with something or someone, but be the issue a little "iffy", a tad "undesirable" or even the slightest bit "unpleasant", I take off like a doodle bug stuck in the middle of I-10 East headed to New Orleans in morning rush hour traffic.  Bitsy's experience is, the doodle bugs probably don't make it.  They end up looking like love bugs on a South Mississippi windshield sometime in the month of May.

It took me almost 52 years before I decided to hold my ground, and tell some folks where to get off the Bitsy train. It was at that point that I learned about "mean hateful people".  I know - I'm pretty blessed that I could ignore and block out "the mean and the hateful" prior to age 52!  I won't name names and it's not in an effort to "protect the innocent" but I will say their last names don't begin with "M"s or have "M"s in them.  Their names begin with another letter and will  remain unmentioned because yet again, I just don't like dealing with unpleasantness.  Call it "chicken", I'm probably "squawking".  That's Bitsy, the "squawker extraordinaire".  I like feathers, no problem with chickens at all :)  Just don't make me have to deal with it! 

My earliest and most blatant of memories that still lurk dangerously in this Bitsy's head revolve around one Sunday afternoon, at age 15, sitting in my parents living room on Felicity Street trying to "part as friends" with one friend of the male persuasion, as another friend of the male persuasion pulled up and parked in my parent's driveway.  I still remember thinking . . . . . "Can I just excuse myself, step out our back door, and go visit my girlfriend down the street?"  I still remember "the look" as my Dad answered the door, "the look" that bordered the "Are you trying to give your sick mother a nervous breakdown NOW or LATER~Carleen" look, but it was just "the look".  I always seemed to be spared of "the statement".  Perhaps THAT was the problem. . . . .It was kind of like everyone wondered how I could be so . . . . . . . well so . . . . . "blind and border line stupid".  I can assure you, if  I am anything "it's not stupid", but I am pretty blind and extremely "chicken".

Anyhow, ya'll~Life requires us all to make big decisions! We all have to put one foot in front of the other and participate in the decision making process.  If you feel the urge creeping up to ask just "Where" all of this pondering and hindsight is going?  I just don't know yet, but I do know that I hope and pray this "put it off until tomorrow" trait is not hereditary and that our Lil Webbman is not plagued with any form of it.  I pray that he does his best to makes good choices, participates in life and faces up to the facts on the front end, in lieu of the back.  I pray he is courageous, that he has no "chicken" genes floating around in his DNA, and if he does. . . . I pray that they are dormant.  I am glad that Webbman has those big beautiful blue eyes.  Maybe people will feel compelled to be kinder, gentler folks when they deal with him or at the very least, people  may be "mesmerized" by them.  I know, I am :).

Baby Blue's Mesmerize YOU!

Be Nice and Don't be a Meanie :)

The Webbman "resting" those baby blues.

Anyhow, I know we can't always control things and we can't be "other people's" keepers, but remember do your best to make "Good decisions on the front end"~Life is so much easier that way - for everybody.

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  1. Well Bitsy, I am very proud of the way you handle yourself these days, took alot of years but I think you have what it takes. Love ya P.S. Let me know if I need to pick up the slack.