Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heroes for the American Red Cross, West End Restaurant, Checking out Cypress Cafe and Let's Blame Neal Armstrong?

It's an amazingly gorgeous day here in Atlanta.  With the weather like this, I find myself thinking of all the things the Webbman and I could go do.  Problem is, he's not here and Bitsy's not there. With that in mind, I'm hoping the Lil Momma and Precious will take our little bundle of joy out for a stroll.  Maybe they'll take him to the Beach, or down to sit on the seawall to watch the seagulls and pelicans "dive bomb" some fish or maybe just watch the waves roll in, there's always that cool duck pond down by City Park . . . . OH and he can watch the trains go by and maybe while they're down that way they can try out that new place "Cypress Cafe".    Point is, it's a phenomenal day.  God blesses us with those pretty often, but we have no assurances as to HOW often, so go forth, get up, get out and breathe it in.  Breathe the beauty and count those blessings. 

I'm feeling pretty selfish enjoying this day in a way.  Somewhere, in this mixed up brain of Bitsy's, I can't seem to stop thinking about all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami~just the general scenario as a whole.  I want to help, but truth be told, I'm not really sure what one person~Webb's Bitsy~can do. We can send all the water, food, blankets and medical supplies that we can gather (Without a doubt, these are wonderful things), but the thing we can't deliver is the "lost security" that those tremors and swirling water stripped away.  I keep pondering just what the largest loss really is in times of natural disaster like this?  Setting the loss of life itself aside, what is it that is insurmountable in the bigger scheme of things? Admittedly, losing your home and possessions is horrific, but "homes" are rebuilt, "stuff" is replaced, "businesses" reopen and "streets" will be repaved.  What isn't replaced is the most basic of things~the feeling that you're SAFE in YOUR own home, on YOUR street, and in YOUR town. . . . TO ME, these are the most difficult to recover from.  God Bless all those affected by this horrendous tragedy.  I do know one thing . . . . . doing NOTHING will get NOTHING done, so on that note . . . . .

For the time being, I'm passing along this information and hoping that it will help in some small way.   A big "thank you" to Melissa Dearman for her local support of the Hancock County, MS Red Cross.  Way to go Melissa.  Way to go West End.  Way to go to all who set out to help! 

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The following have pledged to become Heroes for the Red Cross. They have pledged to raise $1000 for our local Red Cross chapter. You can help them reach their goal and help your community by making a pledge TODAY!! Please visit their website to make a secure online (tax deductible) donation or stop by their location and make a donation in person!

Hancock County Fire Departments:

Hancock High School Red Cross club:

Melissa Dearman / Genia Crane:

Your Support is Needed!! Please make a Donation Today!!

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Yeah, Yeah, I know this is short and serious today,
 but what can I say? 


I want ya'll to know . . . . I'm trying really hard not to blame Neal Armstrong for the wrath of Mother Nature, but don't think for one minute the thought hadn't crossed my mind !! All the times I heard it said "Had those damn astronauts STAYED off the moon, We never would have had Hurricane Camille, but come on. . . . . . . We ALL know that's not true.  Right??  I mean "Did you guys see him on Dancing With the Stars"?  After all, I'm still pretty aggravated with NASA for slighting the Webbman with no feed from the space shuttle.  I mean REALLY. . . "What's Up With That"?

Happy Sunday ya'll.  I sure miss the Webbman.

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