Saturday, March 12, 2011

GODZILLA, Prayers for the People of Japan and Webb's Party Machine

As I lay here at 4:45 in the dark quiet of the house . . . I think about and pray for the people of Japan and all affected areas.  As the trauma and devastation unfolds there, it seems to be so complete, so horrific and well so "overwhelming". I ask that each of you take a minute to pray for them and do whatever you can to help in some small way.

This horrible natural disaster has prompted me stop, to give pause and reflect on the very special "circle of friends" I am blessed to share in this life.  They are witty, empathetic, loving, charming and best of all, appreciate a good joke!  As the clock ticks and our lives progress, we experience the affects of "other people".  People who may occasionally do something particularly heinous to those within our "circle".  The circle's way of dealing with this is to affectionately "tag" these offenders with very specific "pet" names.  We have one offender, in particular, that holds the title/tag/name that we find ourselves referring to a great deal.  It's not because this person is particularly "special in her heinousness", it's just that the character has become somewhat famous within our "inner sanctum".  I have found myself repeatedly referring to this person, this "person who will not be named" as "GODZILLA".  I have gone so far as "emailing" or "face booking" members of the inner circle coded messages, specifically YouTube clips and references of "GODZILLA" ravaging the streets of Japan.  These little names or terms of endearment have enabled us to mention "other people" aloud and not really allude to any specifics, kind of like a Dragnet thing where we "CHANGE THE NAMES TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT" except in this case the folks are NOT that innocent :).  Those "in the circle" know just what particular act each offender has been found "guilty" of.  We try to be fair in this process. This method seems to be the finest example of being tried by a "jury of your peers" that the circle has found to exist.  It just seems to be a "kinder, gentler way" than outright "trash-talking" a poor soul in front of God and everybody.

 Anyhow, let me try to reign myself back in here . . . . The people of Japan and other areas are truly in my thoughts and prayers today.  When I awoke yesterday, the earthquake toll was just unfolding, video was streaming in as trains, boats, , cars, homes, bridges and buildings fell prey to Mother Nature's fury.

 As I watched, there was a part of me that wanted to call the "circle" and say "TURN ON THE T.V.  - LOOK AT WHAT GODZILLA HAS DONE"  and as briefly "ashamed" as I was, I still found a sense of camaraderie and humor in knowing that our bond of "offender alias' " used on these "not so favorite people" had somehow brought levity to a truly horrendous act of Mother Nature.   I found myself rationalizing it and like to think it was my way of coping with the sadness.  Since you guys are now members of my "inner circle", take a minute and watch "GODZILLA" and see if you don't understand where I was going with my little story.  Please bear in mind, you're too new to the circle . . . . YOU DO NOT GET A VOTE.  No one mentioned anything about a democracy :) 
I'm kinda feeling rotten about the fact that I thought of all of this in light of the terrible plight that the Japanese people are going through, and want them to know that.  I really do.  I just wish, for their sake, and for those in the "inner circle" that GODZILLA would have been swallowed up into the crevices of the earth or washed away in the Tsunami

The Webbman is doing just fine, resting up for his Baptism next week and looking forward to a weekend at home with the Lil Momma and Precious.  It's going to be such a special weekend.  This Bitsy is so looking forward to it. 

This week, on top of the rapture Webb has found in his baby monitor, he has also decided he is slap smitten with his Exersaucer Triple Fun Jungle.  This contraption is something special. It's a safe engaging way for a 4 month old to "party".  It allows him to remain stationary, sit comfortably playing with a bunch of brightly colored objects while watching them move upon demand, and listening to them make noise, all the while feeling extremely secure.  Best of all, the Lil Momma did a great deal of study to make sure it helps Webbman develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, object exploration and lots of other good stuff.

Bitsy, IF you ask my Momma and Daddy, I bet they would get you one of these for Mother's Day.  Want me to suggest it?

Bitsy, I think there may be applesauce in here.  Give me a minute . . . Ummmm let me see, how do I get in here?
Here's the little man enjoying his playtime.  This Bitsy sure wishes they had one big enough for me to sit right there with the Webbman developing my motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  I could use it too!

Bitsy, Come on.  This is so "way" cool. 

Oh and back to my initial comment about laying here enjoying the peaceful house, I should add, Butch's snoring sounds vaguely like Godzilla and Mothra have crawled up in the bed with me.  Have a good Saturday ya'll.  Enjoy your time with family, friends, or just regrouping with a good book and your pet!  Talk at ya'll tomorrow. 

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